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Fiverr deducted money from balance, but order is not placed


My client said that he has ordered my gig and Fiverr deducted from his balance but the order was not placed so I didn’t receive any order requests.
How can he fix this?


By asking your client to contact fiverr support


Order didn’t got place? No worries. The funds will be returned to your client credit card, and he should see them in his credit card balance within the next 3/7 business days.
And advise him to clear his browser’s cache/cookies (or quit his browser if he is on a Mac), before proceeding with any new purchases on Fiverr
For further queries contact Customer support.



Customer Support always has best solutions on this type of issues…


Yes, this happened with me once. The buyer placed the order but the order didn’t come through. I asked him to contact the customer support. But he also placed another order. The order came in after 8-10 hours. So we had to cancel one and it got counted as 1 cancellation. So please ask the buyer to contact the customer support and wait. The order will come through in some time.