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Fiverr deleted my account because I listened to customer support? [UPDATE]

So, I had an account on fiverr in the past. I used my passport to verfiy that account. I decided to delete that account, but before I did I contacted customer services and explicitly asked them if I could use my passport on my new account even though I used it already. They explicitly told me that I could. So, I tried to do just that and Fiverr deleted my account right away. I got onto customer service and despite the fact that I tried to explain to them that I’m not impersonating myself, and that I can prove that I owned the previous (now deleted) account, and despite showing them screenshots of customer support telling me I could use the same id to verify myself, all they did was respond with automated repsonses, not even trying to read what I sent them. Since I can very easily prove that I’m myself, and that I owned the deleted account, what I’m wondering is how am I possibly supposed to accept this? I feel totally cheated, especially because all I did was follow the advice of customer support. Now, they’re telling my I can’t make an account again, and I can’t contact customer support to sort out their mistake. Please tell me someone has some advice, I’m heartbroken and really need help.
Ok, so big new everyone: Fiverr customer support told me my account has been reinstated and it has! I stuck to the truth and gave them all the information they needed and I’m happy to be a seller again! thanks so much to the Fiverr forum for coming to my aid! you all proved that this forum is the best!

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Would you mind telling us why you deleted your account once you had it successfully verified? Also, please, how many accounts have you created since you deleted the first one?

Here’s CS’s email:


I knew I would be taking a long break for personal reasons, and I never really liked my account name. I wanted to change it to something more personal and professional. I only made one other account since I deleted my old account, and it was this account which fiverr shut down. It seems like they think I’m impersonating myself because they already have my passport on file, but I can prove that I owned the other account, and customer support told me I could use the same passport and it would be fine. Also I got on to customer support and they only responded with automated responses and say if I email them they may mark it as spam.


So they gave you conflicting information that all involves your identity. - And Fiverr has a copy of your Passport…

How to deal with this is simple. If you are based in Ireland (as shown on your profile) research how to write and word a GDPR Subject Access Request (SAR).

In this subject access request, state that because of conflicting information from CS, you do not believe that your personal information has been properly stored or used by Fiverr. Ask them to, therefore, provide you with full details concerning all the information they have in you, why they have this (as you deleted you last account) and how information is being used.

After they respond, you can also insist that Fiverr deletes all information they have on you. In theory, this will make it easy for you to open a new account.

Just make sure to research your rights and word your complaint properly.


thanks, I’ll certainly try this. it’s just a shame that CS seemed to be blatantly ignoring my messages where I explained the mix-up and just sent me automated responses :frowning:


It is a shame and in this case, they are also potentially breaching GDPR. There are hefty fines for this. Fiverr CS should be aware how important it is not to automate responses to user queries like this.

When filing your SAR, just make sure to do so from an email Fiverr already recognizes as associated with you. It would also be a good idea to see if you can retrieve copies of all past CS communications from your new and old account.


I actually have copies of my past interactions with CS, and I even sent those through, but again the person I was talking to simply responded with a wall of text each time, they didn’t even pretend to read what I sent them

That’s so horrible that fiverr CS just ignoring issues like this. They are getting better overtime but it’s still far from being perfect.

Also I would’ve state in the email name that is a GDPR concern not an account restriction. Also asking to escalate this matter in the same email. (And still attaching screenshot where other CS rep said that it will be ok to use your passport again)

If that wouldn’t work then you can always go on Twitter and tag their CEO and I’m pretty sure they will get back to you ASAP as they are now public company and shouldn’t be involved in any dodgy stuff with GDPR complains.