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Fiverr Deleted My Account

my fiverr account is been deleted by fiverr i dont know the actual reason, i never done anything wrong as i had only one account on fiverr and i guess i have done nothing wrong on fiverr i only used my only account from my ip and my fiverr account balance was $700+ so now what to do get my money back and why fiverr deleted my account not only mine but some of my friends account too they deleted and they didnt even sent any email a about that and is fiverr will back my all $700+ or they will take my money… i sent them email but they didnt even reply and i checked on google about complaints against fiverr that fiverr they didnt returned money of some sellers so am confuse now that i will get my money or not :frowning:

Fiverr Deleted My Account becose no ofsen user name chnge

But here you are with a new one. I didn’t know we could change our names on our accounts?

I think he means he wanted a name change, so they deleted his old account and he created a new one. Best guess given the um… dialect.

I read between the lines. They might think the friends accounts are actually his.