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Fiverr deleted my gig and no more orders now

two days ago fiverr deleted one of my gigs, they said that the video is denied, i created this gig 3 months ago ?? over 30 orders ?!! and then they deleted.

thats not the problem . after they deleted the gig, i didn’t receive a single order from that time !!!

i used to have 2~3 orders per days and now nothing ., even no views !

anyone can help me with that ?

thanks alot …


Did the gig have anything to do with fake reviews, or fake views, likes, followers?

I have witnessed many sellers being penalized for selling such services. These gigs usually run well for a few weeks or months, or some have been there for even a year or more - but then some random user reports these gigs and fiverr deletes them. Sometimes, when fiverr deletes such gigs, they also penalize the account so that the other gigs of that user won’t show up on the results. Not sure why they do that, but that’s how it is, unfortunately.

Hope things work out for you!