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Fiverr deleted my gig due to a third party complaint

So I woke up this morning with an email that Fiverr deleted my gig due to a third party complaint about infringing upon their intellectual property and thus is a violation of the Terms of Service.

My gig was creating Fix blocked domain on facebook. My picture was my own. I had 12, 100% (5 stars) feedback. The gig is basically clients sending me URL and i am fixing him. That’s it. All of my clients like what I did.

I am new, so I am really upset. That was the gig that was gaining audience/clients. And now they’ve removed it because of a complaint that is really not true.
i am 100% honest work and all my own content like title ,description,image,gig cover photo etc etc
Please please reinstate my Gig i am needy and Good work on your plateform if you not belive me you can see my reveiws and ratings
Now i have already 3 order in Queue
Please please i am realy upset i am very hard work day and night

The service you were offering was violating the Facebook Terms of services.


You should’ve read the TOS (Fiverr & Facebook) before you started this gig. :bulb: When in doubt. I highly recommend running your gig offering with CS first before wasting time promoting, etc.

That’s unfortunate, but you clearly violated the 3rd party TOS. :woman_shrugging:t4:
There’s nothing more to do but to learn from your mistake and abide by the rules.