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Fiverr deleted my gig, HELP?


So I woke up this morning with an email that Fiverr deleted my gig due to a third party complaint about infringing upon their intellectual property and thus is a violation of the Terms of Service.

My gig was creating book summaries. My picture was my own little library. I had 6, 100% (5 stars) feedback. The gig is basically clients sending me their ebook and asking me to read and write a summary after. That’s it. All of my clients like what I did.

I am new, so I am really upset. That was the gig that was gaining audience/clients. And now they’ve removed it because of a complaint that is really not true.

Still waiting for Customer Service feedback.


Did your gig have the word Amazon in it? Another trigger phrase could have been book reviews, if that was in it. Customer Support will probably send you a fairly generic email, though you could ask if they will let you edit whatever was wrong.


I did not mention any “Amazon” in it… Although I said “I’ve been writing book reviews before”. But I’ve had no problems submitting the gig, it was doing perfect for a month already. They’ve deleted it a day after I added something in the description. I’m really thinking another seller has reported me because I’ve supposedly copied their description, which I did not. I elaborated on the services I’m offering, it cannot be “intellectual property infringement” unless the description is the same word per word. Sure, we might be offering the same service, but definitely not intellectual property problem.

Thousands of us are offering the same services, it is not fair to report your competitor for something false.


Book reviews could have triggered it if someone did report you and Fiverr suspected you were offering paid reviews. Although intellectual property is usually more about copyright, the message you got sounds like a canned one. Fiverr cracks down on anything related to book reviews.

I’m not saying that’s the answer. I’m just guessing at the most likely issues. If someone reported you for copying their description, Fiverr would only do something about it if they found that your description was a duplicate of another user’s or very close. They do remove gigs if the description is too close. Even if only half of it was copied and the rest was you describing custom offerings, that could do it. It wouldn’t be due to offering the same service. I’ve never heard of Fiverr removing a gig over a false complaint by a competitor. People often worry about this, but since they typically check the gigs in question, if it’s false they would have no grounds to remove it.

You could ask CS if it had something to do with book reviews being mentioned or a copied gig description and ask for a chance to re-do it. Most likely it will be faster to re-create the gig and make sure everything is original, don’t mention book reviews and re-post it. If you already had 6 reviews on it since January it sounds like you were doing well with it. Just read the ToS before you start again.


Thanks for that. I’ve asked CS about it. Waiting for a reply. If I won’t be receiving a reply by tomorrow, I will create a new one. It’s just really upsetting since I’ve worked so hard for those 6 reviews. Basically charging so cheap just to establish a reputation and show that I really do what my service says.


i highly recommend please don’t copy the description of any third party Gig it really effect you on GIG and fiverr will take action…


I rephrased it. They were general requirements that anyone offering that service would normally ask. And barely half of the description. I’ve learned the hard way it seems. I just hope they give me a chance to edit whatever was wrong with the gig.


if yo copy the same materials from third part Gig then Fiverr will definitely delete your GIG without any warning.


They were not actually materials, it was a set of words. And the report says someone complained, pretty sure another seller.


yes, this is what I am saying. If you 100% sure that you didn;t copy the words from other GIG then you must contact Fiverr support:

They will definitely help you but if you copy the words then unfortunately it can’t restore.



Yes already did. Waiting for a reply.


@sarah_expert But your bestselling gig is copied from a third party. Also, you are on your second profile, at least, after the first got banned.

Don’t believe me? Then search the forum for @sarah_developer or @developer_sarah. You ran out of developer names, so now you’re an expert, and you’re advising people not to do exactly what you are doing.


Why would you think that?

That’s not true. You cannot copy something and change around some words here and there.


When I first started out, I didn’t know about the whole Amazon reviews thing. I had a gig for it. I had a huge 5-star cover picture, waxed lyrical on how I’d write the gushiest review ever.

Fiverr booted it at around the 6-gig point. I didn’t moan. Since then, Amazon’s threatened a lawsuit on hundreds of sellers for that gig. Offer book blurbs, or something that can’t be misinterpreted.

And make your own description up. There’s little that will change here. You can listen to Sarah, or you can listen to some people with longstanding experience of the system. CS will likely send a useless canspam that tells you nothing. You lost the reviews, it’s annoying, it’s time to start again.

If you’re a good writer, none of this should be an issue and you will soon float to the top above the astounding amount of crap that passes for competition on this site. Also, reviews is a red flag words. You can argue all you like, but dem’s the facts. Please don’t be dense when it comes to obviously plagiarized sentences (unique) and common turns of phrase.

We’ve all been reading for years.


So you can’t write anything like “name of main character, conflict encountered” anywhere in your description because someone else has that written on their gig?


I don’t write paid reviews, I write book summaries.
I mentioned “I write reviews before FOR MY BLOG” to show clients that I’ve been reading for years.


I was just adding to my response when you added yours, so look upwards a little.


I’m just curious why you think it might have been deleted because of having a similar gig description to someone else’s?


Nobody writes this. They write “Norma Kittlesquirt, countess of Dumblebore, has always known that her father was not the true king of Humplebottomshire. But when her top advisor, Jack O’McReilly uncovers a dastardly plot that could unravel the kingdom forever, she discovers that nothing is quite as it seems… and the race is on.”

You can’t exactly write that in your gig description either, but if you’re talking about what you need in order to write the blurb, just bulletpoint it and slap some marketing bs on there. Job done. Or go my approach. My latest blurb gig review should feature me moaning about the inadequate buyer, despite a 5-star review.

Point is, move on, start again.


I was actually talking about my gig description.
I’m starting again.