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Fiverr Deleted My Gig - TOS Violation?!

I’ve been working actively on Fiverr for the past few months offering Youtube SEO service - writing title, descriptopn and tags, along with other modification of channel settings. Some sort of community manager service. I’ve gathered 60 positive feedback on my gig and recently it got deleted because of Third party TOS violation. It says I’m infringing upon their intellectual property rights. How can I do that by doing community manager service. Fiverr support keeps sending me generic messages and not telling me the real reason why they deleted my gig.

Any help guys?
Thank you.

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But your 4 gigs selling Youtube services are up. Did you mention somewhere in your gig that you deliver views/likes/subscribers as well?

Hi there. Did you read through the YouTube ToS yet to see which part of what you offer may be a violation of it?

I do not offer views, likes and/or subscribers in any of my gigs.
I do community manager services.
I made a new one, exactly the same and they approved it.

If Youtube allows adding community manager, how can that be against TOS?

I don´t know, I don´t offer any gigs related to YouTube, so I didn´t read YouTube´s ToS lately.

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It’s okay, I’m just saying that they don’t want to tell me why did someone report me.
They only provided generic replies that were saying the same thing, even after I explained that my services are not violating any TOS. There are a lot of Gigs like mine on fiverr with thousands of positive feedback.

It could be that you are the first casualty of Fiverr’s new Flag Armageddon war games. Could you possibly have upset someone like a particularly crazy buyer?

I had 99% positive feedback on that gig, but maybe it could’ve been competition since I was on the first page?

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