Fiverr Delivery Box Problem...Has anyone else faced it


It’s really annoying with one of my orders…the buyer wanted me to resdesign her ebook and format it to look nice…I did the work and sent it to her. She was so much happy. Then she asked me to add link to her website at the last page…i did it and then when i send her the 24 page file (From my side) becomes 9 Page document (When the buyers open). I tried sending her 15 times in word 2010 format, then 2007 format, then 20 times in pdf, then compressing and all and at last the same error persists. And finally she said that leave it…and she said you can keep the money because you did a fanatastic job… It’s really very annoying. Has anyone else faced or only me ?


That is strange. I’ve sent documents with more pages than that in the past (a recent one had 170 pages).

Maybe you could try it into separate files to send so you have 9 pages per file or something. At least then she can have the whole book and she just has to piece each file together without losing the formatting. It’s annoying but is an option I’d consider trying.


@madmoo i guess 689 kb !!


It could have to do with many things, the program she is opening it in and also the computer system she is working on. The reason I say this is if someone sends me a document and say it is 5 pages, it will actually be 20 pages for me because I use a special visual program that enlarges fonts and I have a large screen.

As long as she received the document you have done your job and that is excellent. I am glad you worked with the client and that the client was receptive to your effort. That makes for an excellent reputation as a seller on fiverr