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Fiverr Delivery Error: We're Sorry, But Something Went Wrong. Did anyone else get this?

Fiverr gave me an error when I tried to deliver a gig and also freezes when I upload work into a delivery.

Anybody else?


You can delivery file by third party like dropbox, copy, mediafire…fiver allow third partly delivery system if you have troubleshooting upload problem…Also you can contact support system for sure.

PxlStudio, it is really the delivery error I am looking to resolve. I contacted Customer Support.

Nobody else is experiencing this?

Click on the user’s link to see if it goes to his profile. If it comes up then it is delivery problem. My guess is it will say that the user can’t be found. If that is the case you need to send that to fiverr support.

Thanks, Let me check.

I too just had this happen with two orders from the same buyer. It’s a first for me in 3 years here. It appears his account has been closed but I sent a message to customer service. I also tried to cancel the sales but could not.