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Fiverr Delivery time issue

i am delivering many orders on time but fiverr is not increasing my delivery time what can i do?


U should communicate with ur buyer to increase ur time.

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how can buyer will increase my time

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U should get more time such as 1day from ur buyer
Buyer can increase time in order page
It was my past experience

You buyer response time will be increase after 60 days.

I don’t understand how can?

It has nothing to do with what she asked.

@nusfii delivered on time is a % ratio calculated based on the amount of orders you had in os 60 days.
You can look for one of @maitasun topics that she created on how to calculate your ratio. And sometimes you might need more than 5 orders to move your ratio.

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Hi Nusfi,
Are you talking about “On Time Delivery” ?

Yes i am talking about order completion delivery time

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On-Time-Delivery is the Ratio of delivered orders over the course of 60 days.

That’s exactly what I Already said :woman_shrugging:



Yes, You’re right.

She asked about the ratio of “On-Time Delivery”.

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