Fiverr Denials and Approvals


Something is truly wrong with the processing of gig approvals and denials. Can anyone (for the life of me), tell me why this gig request got denied?

"I’m looking for someone who really knows WP html,.styles.css, jquery etc for a in/out out/in wave effect on my Nav menu."

Anyone, please help me understand. I’ve read many reasons on other blogs and forums with regards to this issue, and found when Fiverr reps respond they are truly being as vague as possible as to a direct, accurate and logical answer. If I’m in full compliance with Fiverr TOS agreement, than why the rejection or denial?


Are you requesting a Gig or offering a service?

whatever12 said: Can anyone (for the life of me), tell me why this gig request got denied?

To your question promogirl :)


I can say that if it was to conduct written reviews and or testimonials and you had amazon finished products displayed on there. Amazon has been cracking down on this and having fiverr pull gigs doing it. Amazons abuse team is working hard to keep honest reviews on their site.

I know this personally as it happened to me already. I believe Yelp may be doing the same thing. Customer support emailed me stating that Amazon personally requested my gig pulled for this and it will not be restored.

So lesson to be learned for this. Amazon and Yelp are watching Fiverr closely for people doing reviews and testimonials, and will continue to do so in an attempt to prevent sellers and businesses from getting more sells for false advertisements.


Have you tried with a more specific request? As in, what exactly do you need done, how fast you need it done, and what’s your budget? If you start it with “I’m looking for someone who knows 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.”, it’s a bit vague.

Just a suggestion, I don’t know why your request was denied. :slight_smile: