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Fiverr Denied my 3 years old logo gig with 4K+ positive reviews

Yesterday fiverr denied my 3 years old logo gig.It had more than 4500 positive reviews.I’ve completed more than 10000 orders in that gig.They said I’ve done a copyright violation.But they don’t give any another details for the reason.This is my best gig.I got more than 20 orders per day.Why they are doing this to sellers like me? Why don’t they care about hardworking sellers? I’ve done my honest work on fiverr.

Update: They have blocked me from fiverr facebookpage and twitter page and don’t reply to my request.

I also wonder how that happened to you. Fiverr don’t normally ban a gig with so many sales arbitrarily just from a buyer’s complaint, or block somebody from their FB or Twitter.

I’ve heard stories of seller’s gigs being banned due to a third party’s complaint or a seller’s complaint with “solid evidence” of copyright infringement. I don’t know, and I can’t judge. Probably you’ll need to ask yourself whether you’ve “referenced” any existing logo designs close enough that can be traced by reverse Google image search or TinEye, or may attract some professional designers’ attention. Just like the scrapped Tokyo Olympics logo.

No I haven’t done anything like that :frowning:

There’s no any help from customer support :frowning:

@mniluka am sorry to hear that

Reply to @mniluka:
Have you contact Customer Support?

Reply to @dexblog: They said I’ve done a third party copyright violation. No more further details :frowning: