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Fiverr denied my bestselling gig and say they won’t reinstate it back


I had my gig titled “Article rewriting and content writing” denied after 5 months of offering the service with 69 5star rating. The reason for the denial was that I was according to CS was I was offering Academic services. I changed my description a little bit and reduced the word count. I wasn’t in any offering any academic service and in no way was that stated in the description. All I stressed upon was article rewriting, web content rewriting and up to the point of the denial, I was number 1 in that search category. I contacted support and they sent me this

Your Gig was denied by our Trust & Safety Team, and will not be reinstated. By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activities

The part that bugs me is the IT WILL NOT BE REINSTATED part, there are lots of people offering this same service, so how come mine was Denied. I take it as it is unfair and the gig is my best selling gig. It’s just shows a lack of sound judgement when they just assume that someone is doing academic work when in fact they are not. At this point I am a bit confused


I think it’s not about the title or the description of the gig which caused the denial. The reason is you might be helped for someone’s academic work. If you didn’t do it you can discuss it with the CS team.


I didn’t help with any academic work. I have completed more than 140 orders on that gig alone till date and never for once did I handle any academic task. It has been strictly articles, blogspots and web contents. I Messaged support and the first thing they say is “ it will not be reinstated” that’s just unfair, without giving me a chance to explain myself.


I am very sad about that cause

Every company has terms and condition as it is in this fiber, you may not have given permission for the academic work for this, and this is why your request has been rejected. Hopefully whenever you come to the fiber as a seller, you must see the fiber trans and condition and the fiber trans and condition Read all the time and see if there are transfers Slice


I have gone through the terms and conditions and terms of service and in no way did I violate it


This is really a tragedy…


Did you have any “trigger words” in your URL, title or description, like ‘essay’ or anything that remotely sounds as if you may do academic work?


Hi there

It might be this:

…Medical Writing, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, Web Content Writing, Copy Writing, Creative Writing…


None, I can post the description for you to see.
I expressly stayed articles, blog posts and web contents.
The gig title is “I will do article rewriting, content writing”


Oh in my profile description. Now I see. I put that up a long ago. But how come just one of my gig is flagged?


Oh well, there you go, forget about “remotely” :wink:

I guess you can be glad they only denied your gig and didn’t suspend your profile then. In this case, I’d just change that immediately, make a new gig and not bother them about reinstating the old gig.


I have made the changes. Removed every hint of Academy and essay in my profile.

I created similar gig with a different description and it still got denied and I received a warning that my level will be demoted if I have another gig Denied


While you still had that “Academic Writing” profile, I suppose. My guess is they used the template they sent for when people offer academic writing in their gigs because they don’t have a template for when people offer academic writing in their profiles…

Maybe write to them with a screenshot of your new clean profile text and a link to your new gig, tell them you fixed the reference to academic writing in your profile and ask if they could look over your gig to check if it’s okay before you try to publish it, then.


If this was reddit, this reply would have had a gold star attached to it. Thanks for your reassuring response. I really do appreciate. I will get in touch with them. I am still waiting for their reply


Good Luck!


I will drop a feedback on the outcome of my endeavor


so sad :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Your Gig was denied by our Trust & Safety Team, and will not be reinstated.

That’s the reply I got and my attempts to plead my case was met with the same response

I asked CS if they could go through my new gig title and description, they said they can’t help me with that.

Now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because if I create another gig and it gets denied I will face a demotion


You still have “Report Writing” in your profile. I would redo your whole profile and make it more simple, plus take out ALL potential trigger words. Then work on your existing gigs for some while. Don’t create new ones and don’t bug Support for now. Let them forget about you and move on. After things have quieted in a couple of months, you could make a new gig with NO trigger words, pause it, and ask Support to check it without mentioning the previous issues. For now, though, you are just poking a sleepy but annoyed bear.


Thanks a lot for your response.
I got this from support just a minute ago. They identified the problem

You can offer rewriting Gigs, however, you cannot offer a Gig with the purpose of rewriting to pass a plagiarism check . Plagiarism in any degree, way, shape, or form is against our Terms of Service.

I guess stating copyscape and plagiarism free were the buzzword

How to gig save?