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Fiverr denied my Gig because image was not original

I just set picture 3 to 1 on gig and my two gigs denied because image was not original. Fiverr is it joke. What can i do now ?
I want my gig back.
I just put a price tag on picture after seeing another seller already doing this and getting orders.
But second gig was just picture changing.

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Well, were those images 100% yours? You made them from scratch using your own artwork?

Talk to Customer Support. If they denied your gig, they are the only people who can “un-deny” it. Just keep in mind, more often than not, when a gig is denied, it is permanently removed.


I once upon a time received a warning for this and even got demoted to level 1 from level 2. I learnt the bitter way. Please do not bother cs if you were not the one that created the image from scratch. Just dust yourself and create your own images. You can use image builder or powerpoint then save as jpeg or any image file.


Image is not 100% mine but 90% mine. I’m adobe illustrator skilled designer and i worked on fiverr in 2016 but i leave it because of time issue. I hope you will not consider me a useless copy past boy. Visit my profile you will see i passed adobe illustrator with 8 marks. Now fiverr change alot. Love

Then who does the other 10% belong to? This explains nothing.

You either own it and created it from scratch or you don’t. And just because you doctor an image, that doesn’t mean you own it.


Well, there you go. That is most likely why your image/gigs were denied. You can’t be using someone else’s work, and use it on your gigs to represent what YOU do.

Respectfully, I have no interest in your skill test scores. Nor does your test score excuse the use of someone else’s work. Professional designers, as you claim to be, do not steal the work of others, and use it to make money.


I give 10% to the person from who’s logo I get the idea. I know what was u thinking

That’s not what we’re talking about.

We’re asking you if you own the image and if it is yours. It either is or it isn’t and it’s clear now that it isn’t. I think you need to work on your communication skills.


Stealing and taking idea have difference dude. Thanks but I will create it again.

Since your account has no reviews, and likely no sales, then your claim is completely false. You have not earned any income from Fiverr to have given anyone 10% of your profits. Please do not make things up to excuse your behavior. Fiverr thought what you did was wrong, and they removed your gigs. That should be all the explanation you need in response to your actions.

In the future, please use your own images to represent your work.


And Fiverr will likely remove them gig again. Please learn from your mistakes, and don’t repeat them.


If another designer can put a price tag of 5 dollar on gig picture then nothing wrong but when I put then I steal idea, that’s not genuine. You guys didn’t get it. Disappointed understanding. Even thought I’m a stealer. Congratulation.Cheers!

Your future access here on Fiverr is yours to lose. I sincerely hope you start to make better decisions. Fiverr will – and does – take action against sellers who intentionally break the rules.


If your work is a lot like others’, then yes, that is against the rules. That doesn’t become okay just because you give the originator a commission. Rules are rules and you broke them. You need to accept that. It would make zero sense for Fiverr to allow a copycat gig for any reason. Don’t you think that might look sketchy to others? Think about it.


Are you a leader or a follower? Just because you see another Seller committing this act and essentially getting away with it. It doesn’t make it right. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before Fiverr catches wind of it. If you feel strongly against the action Fiverr took, submit a ticket. Don’t be hostile, communicate with them in a professional manner.