Fiverr Denied my Gig!


I used my gig image from Mailchimp blog site, here is the link what image i use on my gig:

I set the image 1 years ago and i made more than $8K on this gig and 250+ positive rating , but 4 days ago suddenly fiverr was denied my gig.
they told me i m violate the copyright rules . But the image is copyright free image and anyone who use mailchimp they can easily create the image.

I think someone do the report illegally. i contact with fiverr support but they Don’t want to understand .
I told them The image Owner is Mailchimp but mailchimp did’t report to fiverr for the issue .

That was my only one Best selling Gig :frowning:



i think fiverr did right.
Whatever you will collect from google or any other website that means these are not your property.

Few days ago i got flag alert.

Using excel image
although this was not only my gig image.

many people are using excel photo on their gig.
but fiverr sent warn only me.

then i changed it.
Although i flag few gig having that image.
but no action has taken.

So its better to use your edited photo as gig image.
if you dont want to lose your gig for a photo


thank you for your comment.
fiverr can warned me but not :frowning:


that’s the way fiverr works :slight_smile:


Fiverr warned if yoy are lucky.