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Fiverr denied my gigs after I updated new photos to my gigs with unclear reason

Hello everybody,
I started my product photographer gigs almost a year. When I updated the new pictures to my gigs this morning, Fiverr has denied my gigs with the deny reason: “Your Gig requires modification - NOT AN ORIGINAL IMAGE OR DESIGN (DESIGNERS)” .I can guarantee all the images I updated was THE ORIGINAL IMAGE and CREATED by me, I have all the proof for the images. I didn’t know what was wrong with my gigs that made them denied it. Is there anyone has the same issue like me and how do I get back my gigs? This gigs is my main gigs, I have all 5 stars review for this gigs and I don’t want to lose it.
Many thanks,
These are the images that I have updated to my gig:

I have never had that situation but maybe it’s worth reaching out to fiverr team first, explaining the situation and providing proof that it’s your designs and you created them. But also make sure that products on your pictures doesn’t involve any third party.

If they removed your gig then nothing you can do. If they just asked you to modify it then reach out to them and most likely they will be able to help you.

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Thank you so much for your reply. And yes, I have contacted to them already and waiting for their reply. Meanwhile I have create the other gigs and they denied me one more time and downgrade my seller level from level 2 into level 1. I feel unfair and really bad about their decision.

Well, that was wrong of you. If they declined it once’s of course they would decline it second and third time. And as you did it without any changes they saw it as violation of TOS.
And actually that just makes your situaion worse in the eyes of fiverr team.

Just wait for fiverr support to reply to you and don’t try to repost your gig again.


I don’t know exactly which of your images you are trying to show as the ones denied, but the knife picture is easily found online already. The exact image with the knife and the basket is easy to find and if you only take the basket of food out, there are dozens more identical photos. I didn’t check your other image but anytime you have something displayed on a gig that isn’t quite unique, it’s likely to be denied.

The logo and name you have displayed on your profile image is also on shopify so that could have been a problem as well. The gig you have up right now for product photos has an image that can be found in a reverse search as well. Fiverr really wants you to have very unique images on your profile and gigs.


Same it happened to me :frowning: I reached to fiverr team but they declined :frowning: I have 100 positive review on gig , I lost my best selling GIG :frowning:

I was just going to respond. Then I realized this post is a year old. :coffin: