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Fiverr Denied my most reviewed gig

Attention Team Fiverr, today you removed my most reviewed and most viewed gig saying that

Hi faisalriaz876,
We need you to update your Gig: do Professional Photoshop Editing so that it passes our content review.
We’ve removed your Gig because either your Gig description, image or both, were copied from another Fiverr seller. You are welcome to create a new Gig using your own content.
The Fiverr Team

In my gig every content is my original and none is taken from internet. Now how can I restore it, only option they are providing is delete.

Usually you have an option to edit unless you already edited it once and got denied again. You’d have to ask Customer Support directly.

By the way, your gig description in that gig did have some very strong similarities to others and it’s enough to get caught in search.

yes unfortunately they are saying some working matched :frowning: