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Fiverr denied my top gig and are not ready to provide explantion

I am a level 2 seller and offer game development services . Recently my top gig which had more than 150 successful order completion and 0 negative feedback got removed by fiverr stating " Intellectual Property Violation - Your Gig has been flagged due to a third party intellectual property violation ".

The gig was always on the first 3 rows in game development tab .

In the gig i used unity asset store ( Popular place for getting components for game ) assets and upgraded it before selling them . I was in no way reselling the assets . Even if i was at some sort of violation , they could have warned me considering that there are more than 140 ( 5 start ) reviews in the gig instead of directly removing it . Most of the top game development service offered in the fiverr platform use unity asset store for the games , which is completely legal and made to help the developers .

When i contacted the customer support with all the proofs and also showing the other top gigs use assets from the asset store too . They mark my issue solved without even giving a reply

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According to their FAQ:

" Can I use Asset licenses that I purchase for my freelance development work?

Anyone who hires you to do work must also own a license to any asset which is used in the project.

Yes, you are allowed to use your licenses, but your client must also have a license for each asset."

Perhaps that was the problem?


See , my query is this :

  • The thing you mentioned "your client must also have a license for each asset ". It could be a policy , but is it fair to directly remove the gig with more than 140 5 star reviews instead of giving a warning about it .

  • To your answer , unity asset store is used for variety of game development purposes and you can use the assets which can fit in your game accordingly in a way you want . It is a policy that you cannot directly sell the assets , which i was not doing in any way .

  • I have also sent the screenshots to them of other top sellers like me , who have worked with the same assets i have ( Sent screenshots with the proofs ) . How can they remove my gig and keep theirs . And the most important part is that they are not caring to reply , they are marking the ticket to solved without giving any replies .

I wouldn’t comment on your gig and if it’s breaches third party TOS because for that we need to read their commercial rights.

Well it is. If your gig is breaching third party TOS then it’s fair it’s being removed. Or do you expect to get a warning and still keep providing service that is not allowed?

And if they all will jump from the roof you will also jump? That only means that sooner or later fiverr will notice that and if they indeed breach TOS then their gigs also will be removed.


Okay , lets assume that the gig was in some sort of violation with the terms and conditions . My main point is this :

  • 1 warning should be issued as a benefit of doubt . After that if the violation still continues you can remove it and i would not even dare to complain about it .

You may not agree with me . But you can make a mistake with the terms and conditions . It would not be fair to remove months of hard work into reaching that level getting directly removed .

And they do issue warnings. But in a case where gig breaches TOS in a service voided there is nothing else left but to delete a gig.
If they just issue you a warning what you would’ve done? In theory all your service is breaching third party TOS and there is n way to change it or adjust it. So they deleted your gig and you can create another gig that doesn’t breach TOS. For other kind of violations they just deny your gig and ask you to change things that breaking rules.

P.S you reviews still stayed at your account.
And amount of reviews doesn’t make any difference or should not make punishment less severe just beachside you delivered more orders that was breaking rules.

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That depends on the violation. In some cases, a warning is given. In others, gig is removed. It’s up to CS to decide what they’re going to do in each case, and the number of reviews has nothing to do it. I’ve seen them remove entire categories with numerous gigs in them, or gigs with hundreds or even thousands of glowing reviews. I’ve also seen them ban accounts without a warning (again, depending on the violation).

If I understood it correctly, both you and your client must purchase the license. Then again, I could be wrong (plus it’s not my decision to make, anyway).

Perhaps they’ll remove theirs, too? Or not. Either way, if others are breaking the rules and (for the time being) getting away with it, it’s like complaining that someone robbed a bank and got away with it, and when you did the same, you got arrested.

If that’s the case, I’d guess that their decision is final. Either that, or you have submitted multiple tickets about the same issue.

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Sorry to hear about this, but look this on “bright side”:

They removed your gig but you didn’t get warning to it. So basically, you didn’t lose anything as if they issue you an warning, you would still need to remove your gig and with warning you could lose level.

So, would you like better just warning and lose your level (and you would need to remove your gig)? Or would you like it better if they just removed your gig (what they did)?


I had something similar happen to me a few years ago and to this day, I honestly don’t understand what I did wrong. I got an email about someone having complained that my gig was too similar to theirs - and yes, it was my best performing gig. Fiverr removed it along with a bunch of 5* ratings and I had to start again from scratch. So I feel your pain.