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Fiverr denied my Top selling Gig Due to unclear description


Fiverr denied my Gig Due to unclear description. So what to do to reopen my Gig.
Can it be reopen.


You can change the description and submit it again.


You can hire an english expert.
To make your gigs.
And appealed / re-submit


Thanks For your Answer. Sir i am trying to edit and change my Gig Description but its not editable.


Sure. Thanks For Your response.


Sir i contact With support to active my Gig so i can edit and Change the Description That clearly show my Service to buyer. But Fiverr Answer me as Below. Kindly Let me know what i need to do to active my Gig. This was My top Selling Gig. Thank


My Top selling GiG was denied Last day. Fiverr tell that the reason of denied is Your Unclear GIG description. So i contact with support and tell them that active my Gig, To Edit and change the Description to a clear and professional. But Fiverr Answer below. kindly help what i need to do more to active my Gig. As it possible now?

((Rena Today at 14:54
Hi there,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. After further review with our Editorial team, sadly your Gig is not in our Editorial focus at this time. We recommend continue trying to create new unique and creative Gigs expressing your talents. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards))

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What were you selling in the denied gig? I see that you used to sell email lists. If it was that one, Fiverr removes most of those now because people buy them to send spam.


That was on market research categories.


You sell data.
Maybe some of your data will be saturated because many people use the email list you create.


If it’s not in their ‘editorial focus,’ then changing the description won’t help. You will need to create a new gig that doesn’t do what the old one did.