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Fiverr denying my gig because it is not an "original design"

I have tried twice uploading my gig with different photos and different layouts but I have been denied both times. I am offering to make designs for startup brands and I use mockups that I paid for to display my designs on t-shirts. Could the mockups be what’s flagging the issue?

I have also created a gig almost a year ago using similar photos on another account but deleted the gig shortly after and abandoned the account. I only recently made a new account.Could fiverr be noticing my past gig photos and denying me because of that?

I don’t know what I should change to have my gig accepted as I have no idea which photo or which design is getting flagged as “not original”. I’m afraid that if I just keep trying with different photos that I will just end up getting banned because I don’t know what is causing this issue.

Possibly. Even if you’ve paid to be able to use them, they’re still designs by someone else and thus don’t accurately show your skill at a designing job.

Duplicate accounts are against the TOS. If you have an old account, you should try to re-access it. And yes, if you didn’t properly shut down the old account, those images are probably still in the databanks.

Why not just make something new and original?

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The designs are original and created by me. They are just displayed on t-shirt mockups so people can see what my designs would look like on actual clothing. I contacted Fiverr support so hopefully they can point out what the problem is exactly.

Thank you for responding.

Don’t be surprised if they will ban this new account if you never deactivated old one

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