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Fiverr Description Bug

Does a space counts as 6 characters in Fiverr Gig Description? Tried everything from clearing caches, cookies to changing, reinstalling browser and the issue is still there. Contacted Fiverr Support in this regard and they say that they have referred it to their technical team. My colleagues on Fiverr aren’t facing this issue. Why is it only me?

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I saw similar issues when tried to copy it from Word document.

Try to use Notepad instead or type it yourself. It shouldn’t bug out this way! :slight_smile:

Have tried typing myself too, the problem persists. Even without typing anything, I simply pressed space bar and the character count goes to 6.

Just use 1,194 characters instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not that much of a problem is it?

Added - what happens if you use a character other than a space? Does it still go to 6? Perhaps we’re not supposed to start the description with a space?

Not that simple. Every space counts as 6 characters. Character other than a space is counted single. I started with a space just to take the screenshot. Guess you will understand better with the following ss:

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I’ve just checked on one of my listings, and sure enough if you add a new space, it is being counted as 6 characters, but existing spaces are only being counted as 1, even if you delete and then re-type a space.

Weird. :slightly_smiling_face: