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Fiverr design gigs help

Hello i have put up a total of 12 design gigs on fiverr and need help.

I have not had one sale as of yet and its been about 2 weeks. I have added videos to some of them to see if this gets sales but not had any luck (i didn’t want to spend loads of time creating videos for each one if this didn’t help). I have added offers so that the first 50 sales i give them free gigs. I have added good quality pictures. I have added good gig extras and even said i will do work within 1 day.

I don’t know what else to do to start the ball rolling! once i get some sales then the samples of work should get more sales but without any sales i am stuck.

I know these types of gigs sell very well elsewhere on Fiverr so i know my services are in demand.

I have created youtube videos and twitter accounts (fiverr182) and have even tried offering my services for free to get some interest.

My Fiverr impressions are in the thousands for some of my gigs but i have heard this is not at all accurate.

Do i just need to wait to get some sales?

Any help would be much appreciated.

My main fiverr page is



Use the Forum Search Function. Input: “how to get started”.

I have read most of these, they all say similar things.

Add video

Use social media

Use good descriptions

Use good photos

All of these I have been doing. I have been using twitter, YouTube and forums to drive views.

I’m getting hits according to my stats but they don’t seem to be converting.

The other things are things to do once u get sales.

any help would be appreciated.

Or if anyone wants to buy one of my gigs that would help even more! :slight_smile: