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Fiverr desktop vs Android App

Hi there,

I’m curious to know, in your opinion do you prefer one or the other?

I’ve recently downloaded the app and from a sellers perspective would you say it allows you to use all the features effectively or is it still best to access the desktop site daily?

Would love to know your thoughts!



I use both. I work from computer and I use my phone app when I am out and about so I can be in touch if a prospective buyer contacts me.


I use both. I don’t prefer either.

Both are buggy in their own special way.


My phone - though still beautiful! - is too old for the app.

And, anyway, I feel a phone belongs in a building so that’s where it stays when I’m out and about …

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I have a quick response that says something about me being away from my office and I will contact them when I return.

I use both, most of time I am on my computer so I prefer desktop site !
Desktop version is better ,I use mobile app just to reply back to buyer to keep response rate higher.

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Kids are all grown up and there’s nothing in my life that can’t wait for an hour or two. No need for me to feed my anxiety by the phone being chained to my hip at all times.

Relaxation is important …


The website 99% of the times, but I have to use the app sometimes since there’s a problem with the attachments not showing up in the buyer requests section on PC.

I carry my phone with me everywhere because of my kids and grandkids.

I am old enough that I am classified as a digital immigrant. My kids and grandkids are digital natives.
Therefore, I have had many text messages and phone conversations initiated by them while I have been out and about. Even my 9-year-old granddaughter has FB messenger and sends me goofy little messages.

Leaving a quick response is easy and I have a prospective job to return to.

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Both are useful.
Using app when you are away from laptop/computer to reply buyers.
And for buyers it is useful as they can search for gigs on app also. While sellers can’t create gigs on app.
I use both. App for sending BRs and replying to messages. :slightly_smiling_face:
But I prefer desktop more.

I only use my laptop when I’m working. Otherwise replying to buyer requests, sending my sample work. I do it all from mobile.

I only use app for replying messages

I am a video editor and Most of the time I get huge files, long descriptions, Script etc and App is really helpful when you are on the go. Not just chat, checking files also work great on Android app.
So i don’t have to sit in from of the screen whole day.

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Thanks guys - really useful. So far I found the app a little buggy and prefer the desktop but that’s also because I feel my app version perhaps doesn’t have all the features of the desktop site too. I’m sure once I get buyer requests I’ll utilise the app more.