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Fiverr Diasbled Account

Hi friends
Recently one of my friend’s fiverr is disabled due to a buyer’s complaint. The buyer complaint that he is contacting the buyer outside the fiverr. But now the buyer wants to reactivate the disabled account. The buyer wants to write to the customer support to reactivate the disabled account.
Will it work? Does the the Fiverr will listen to the buyer to reactivate the disabled account?

There’s only one way to find out. Try.

However, if the buyer spoke the truth and your friend did contact them outside of Fiverr, it’s a serious ToS violation, so I doubt that the account will be reactivated.

And if your friend is actually you (considering that your account was created this month, and the account with the same name, minus “_old”, is no longer on Fiverr), and if you have created a new account without the permission from Customer Support, that’s another ToS violation.


The only way your friend could know that is if the buyer had communicated to you outside of Fiverr…


Breaking TOS is bad :frowning: why to ruin a decent future on fiverr by ignoring simple rules? :smiley:

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