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Fiverr did not check content with pornography

This guy (the top second one) sent the animation with pornography content and then asked people for dubbing in Japanese. :angry: :angry: :angry:

Beware of this guy


one of my worse experiences on fiverr, thanks fiverr now I can’t delete my memory

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Have you reported it to Customer Support?

Unfortunately, I get the impression that Buyer Requests is nowhere near as regulated as it could/should be.


Without sending offers to the buyer in first place, you won’t know who the buyer is and therefore cannot report the guy.
I just hope the request will go away, somehow.

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Just reply to the request and open the “offered” section on the app. There you will be able to see what his name is and therefore report him/her!

I just did, thanks for your suggestion.

I think you can see who they are in the app.


I am using PC version, and my phone can’t download the app lol

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Hey, I totally agree that such requests shouldn’t be on Fiverr for multiple reasons, mainly because it’s in the ToS, and you have every right to report the guy.
But calling him a disgrace to Japan for creating adult content seems a bit much. He just picked a wrong platform to look for a specific service, that’s not a crime.


Sorry for using the strong words. I edited my post then.
I just had the very bad experience due to him misusing his platform. It would be better if he understand the consequences of his actions.

that type people must be reported and punished.