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Fiverr did not notify the buyers about yesterday system issues

Hi about what’s happened yesterday April 3th with the malfunction of the web site, today I ask to one of my clientes to extend cause the work still need work to do I don’t want to rush out and the job become bad, as my client is very undertanding and a returning one she accept my request of extra days, so as we have confidence I told her what happen yestrday cause I still not reciving some notifycations then I clarify her if I dont respond is not because I dont want, is cause I cant. An then I ask her if she recived some notify about this issue she didn’t recive anything. I’m not expectin fiverr freeze the delivery time I really don’t expect anythin but I really hope fiverr service notify the clients about the issue as I know to many sellers lost their orders cause the cant communicate properlly and it also affect their rates and credibility I cant belive fiverr did not notify the cliente. this is bad.

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Extending time for delivery has nothing to do with site, but if you wanted extra time any ways…!
about notification, they even dont notify us earlier bu later they had screen saying ‘under maintenance’ and that seems like universal, same for all buyers and sellers.

my active client knew regarding that very well, may be your client didnt came online during the time of maintenance ?