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Fiverr didnt do well with me

Fiverr your management is just a bullshit nothing else. You blocked my id without giving any solid reason. I worked really hard of two years to establish myself and you just vanished in just a minute by saying electronic Location
issues. em talking about this username: *************
Now i really come to realize that you are just a scammer and without any issue ruining the investement of time of poor people.God will ask you for this.

So, you were petending to be somewhere you’re not? Guess what, sunshine–you’re doing the same thing with your profile pic and UK location. The thing is, that makes you look like a scammer. There are plenty of sellers making good money on this platform, so the problem is YOU, not Fiverr.

God will ask you why you lied, too.

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Nice one :wink:

Ohhh not really i used my own profile pic and provide all the official legal documents. Infact fiverr changed my profile to switzerland by themself. And i insisted them to change it to my current living by providing my documents. Then how can they block my account after this 1.5 years later ? RIP

Good point emmaki.

kindly can you tell me whats the point it is ?

I doubt this is your profile picture since it appears to be copied from Google. Fiverr shut your account for violating rules. Think about this for a moment, if you are an honest and hard working person you have nothing to fear. But when you are a liar and a cheater and break TOS sooner or later you will get caught and booted. Obviously there were some inconsistencies somewhere!

Did you have multiple accounts?

Did you exchange personal contact information?

Did you violate copyrights?

These are just a few other options which can lead to an account suspension.

You’re a fake. That’s the point.

You are a Russian model? That sounds more lucrative than being in a group of tricks.

I expect he’s gone to bed now, it’s almost 9pm, and that is bedtime for UK people. No, really. Unless he’s in Switzerland, in which case it’s almost 10, and Swiss people are very punctual.

Oddly enough, as all British people know, a group of tricks sounds rather like a congregation of ladies of the night, so far as slightly archaic slang is concerned.

So this is definitely someone from the UK, as you can see, along with all the other deeply convincing evidence.

Are you a Russian model then?

Is this your real picture?

I was never fake at all , please read my all comments which i made. I’ve already said that i make correction of my profile flag by providing documents by myself. this was done 1.5 years ago. But now fiverr after one and half years come to know i should have blocked. What it does make sense ???

You’re up very early for European time zone, aren’t you? I mean, if you were somewhere in Asia, then…

24/7 :slight_smile:

Btw: I also want to be a Russian model!

Where is make, there is break. So true.

It’s pretty simple, really. Location depends on the location of your IP address. If you say you live in the UK but your IP address comes from Switzerland, then you’re living in Switzerland (unless you’re using a proxy, but in that case, why?). This isn’t an issue if you’re honest. If I were to up sticks and move to America I’d set a new location to there, I wouldn’t still pretend I lived somewhere else just to ensure buyers thought I wasn’t some hobo living out of a box somewhere in the deep Amazonian jungle…

…Russian model?

Google his profile photo.