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Fiverr Dinosaur and Voice Acting Extraordinaire


Hey Fiverr forum! It’s Dave, a voice actor from the Philippines!

Can I just say that I’ve been trying to get in this community for SIX years now? That’s right! Technical difficulties I guess? Just couldn’t login to the Fiverr forum.

I found Fiverr in my second year of college when I did a search of “ways to earn money online”. I was 17. Used my mom’s bank account, and offered video testimonials. Which I would record on my way to school and back.

Come 2016, I’ve become a professional voice actor for TV and video games, so I decided to offer my services here. And it’s been a blast!

All that happened while I was in the province. And thanks to my Fiverr earnings, I moved to the city to pursue VO full time. And Fiverr pays for ALL my overhead.

Excited to finally be part of this SPECTACULAR community!




Hi Dave, that sounds great! Well, apart from six year long technical difficulties that is lol. Welcome to the forum finally then. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome, miiila!


Welcome to Fiverr, englishcarabao!

Woah… six years? :open_mouth: But congrats for finally being here and… living your dream I guess?! :slight_smile:
I’m curious, though - how did you become a professional voice actor?

By the way: you may have noticed that your username has the number 1 attached to it, despite your original username does not have that. It’s a bug and not only affecting you. To make it easier for other users to reach your Fiverr profile, go to your “Preferences” and enter your actual profile link ( under the field named “Web Site”.



Try it without the ‘1’ in the end, it´s a well-known bug, this adding ‘1’ to people´s forum name. :wink:


Welcome Dave. Thanks for sharing your story. What an incredible journey you had so far. Good for you! Wishing you continous success.


Ahhh, Ok. Got it…