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Fiverr disable my withdrawal balance

thanks for your advice
i will try it all.


For your own safety, please remove your screenshot - you’re giving away far too much personal info!

Added - all it says is to contact Customer Services - have you done that yet?

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Yes. I have ask customer support. What is the problem. He say. You have to find it by your self. I ask who client have problem with me. But fiverr didnt answer.

Does it fair 3years my career ended by buyer order $20 ?

Than my balance $1500 can not withdrawn

You don’t have more than one account by any chance?


yes. i have, but i just made.
it means i have to be new selleer right?

Then you just violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Both of your accounts could get permanently banned for that.


Well you’re in trouble.

Does OP have any idea what he has done? Good God!


i think you should delete that account right away.
Edit: Deactivate @ismiatin account

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yes, i just made those account. okay thanks

It doesn’t matter. You’re offering the exact same gig in both accounts.

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Feeling sorry for you. Really you are in a great trouble. But It is true that you have violated the fiverr rules by opening two accounts. right?

Delete that new account right now and stay low for a while. Read the Fiverr ToS for heaven’s sake.


no, that is beause one client not statify with my product , he complain on fiverr. so fiverr disable my withdrawal.
when i ask who is it, (for solving problem) fiverr did’t ask who is he.
fiverr ask me to find it by my self

A similar case.

In these case, you have to manage that buyer, you can refund the buyer.

This is how things work here.
You need to keep account of your satisfied or less satisfied buyers
Try to contact your buyers who were less satisfied and try to ask if anyone complained to Fiverr support about it.
Once you resolve this your withdrawals will be opned

ok i will try it. but main problem is not make 2 account.
i just make new account when i get trouble for these disable withdrawall button

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i just make new account dont have any balance , so i can not using paypall

okay, but it client didn’t response. how is it