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Fiverr Disableb Account

Fverr story!
Today i opened my account and than everything going well But after a few time My account automatically Log out . When I try to login than this they said that your account has been Disabled :disappointed_relieved:
Yesterday I become Level 1 seller and now :expressionless:Why this is so . I’m very very Disappointed from Fiver :sob:
Please any one help me . Can i get it back? Why they do so? What about my Balance?

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You should contact Fiverr support.
They only can help you and no one else
They will tell you what happened, why and if you’re getting your funds back or not


Fiverr should have sent you an email with the reason why they disabled your account. Make sure to check the spam folder as well, there should be an email from them stating this.

@ video_animators, fiverr has a Rules and Regulations. you follow that rules then no way to account disable.
please contact fiverr’s custom support.

here is the reason why account Got disabled. :no_mouth:

We might be up to two a day now for this type of question, not to mention how each one has at least two threads about it.