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Fiverr disabled my account because I was following support staff instructions

Fiverr decided to disable my account. Mainly because I was following their instructions.

I’ve always had a problem with verifying my phone with my account mainly because I had switched providers. But here’s the thing: I specifically remember struggling with changing from my previous number to my new one before because this was my first instance where I butted heads with Fiverr.

There was no previous number before my last one because it was the first number I personally owned. So I remember the number I placed on there. Even have a screenshot of it.

I also remember getting a butt load of errors, saying I can’t change the number. I also remember contacting support numerous times with nothing coming out of the ordeal.

I contacted support about this, asking them if they could just change it for me and that I would be willing to give them any personal information, sending them my number, my screenshot, everything. They refused to help me and replied with the same old pre-written routine response of contacting my providers about it. So I did.

My providers, for some stupid reason, do not keep record of previous numbers I have under my name. They only told me that I owned only one number from each in all of my history (the old one from my previous provider, and the new one from my current provider) so that’s out of the equation. I told support about it and they told me to try and remember all the numbers I may have used on Fiverr and try them all one by one.

Which doesn’t make sense because I only had two associated with me. When I tried to put my previous number again because there was a prompt asking me to put my previous number, that’s when it happened. Fiverr has disabled my account. The reason being a “security breach.”

All because I tried following what they told me.

This makes it seem like Fiverr doesn’t want us to have a secure account, apparently.

I already contacted support about this. I’m not holding much hope.

What next? Are they going to withhold my earnings and keep it as their own because I had the audacity to try and fix the problem? Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case, to be honest.

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I will soon need to change my mobile number. Are you saying that when you enter your old number, you need to receive a code to that number? Or is this just a case that Fiverr doesn’t recognize your old number. If so, are you sure you are entering your country code correctly?

Its going to ask you to input your old number. The country code is already put in place. But in my case, whenever I do, it just refuses.

I have never gotten past that point so I’m not sure if its going to send you a code because of said errors.

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An update:

Support replied with the usual pre written message as expected. They told me to pretty much purge my browser cache, history, everything, and then get a new password.

So I did. When I went and tried to replace my old password, it just wouldn’t let me. I tried it on different browsers, computers, nothing.

More and more it seems like Fiverr cares less about their sellers. Oh wait, that’s already a given.