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Fiverr disabled my account, but the system is flawed


Just to give a bit of background, I WAS a level two seller with 200+ five-star reviews and over 25k in revenues during a relatively short time period.

Fiverr goes ahead and permanently disables my account for violating TOS. Heres what really happened:

Buyer orders a gig, I delivered him exactly what he asked for, on time. He was not satisfied, so I offered revisions - I gave him 4 revisions. He was still not satisfied. Since I wanted to avoid a bad review, I offered him some free work. He agreed and I told him it would take a few weeks (this is during christmas time). He sends me two messages and after 24 hours reports me for not responding, Fiverr goes ahead and cancels the order on top of dropping my seller level for delivering incomplete work.

How did I deliver incomplete work? I could have simply told the buyer sorry and accepted a bad review if I wanted to, since refunds are not granted based on quality of work alone. What I was delivering was EXTRA work, not part of our original gig. But somehow Fiverr penalizes me without any grounds. Now I have done a bunch of extra work for no reason and received nothing in return. This was 3 months ago.

About a week ago I received a permanent disable for my “third” violation. I will admit, this violation was my fault but not my “third” one.

A buyer had already made an order and we were discussing revisions. The Fiverr messenger was acting funky so I told them I could email the revision to them. I was under the impression I could do this as long as it was necessary for the project, but I was wrong. Fiverr went ahead and gave me this “warning” then closed my account because it was my “third” one.

It was not my third violation, only my second. But in my opinion, it was really only my first. I’ve been trying to talk to Fiverr support but nobody will actually talk to me. All I get it the "your account is permanently disabled, you can withdraw your funds in 90 days.

Not sure what to do here. I had a great reputation on Fiverr and feel that the system is a bit flawed. How should I proceed?


I’m confused your account christianlucas4 is still active. (no gigs tho) :thinking:

Unless it’s another account and what were you selling?


I think that a disabled account is the death penalty on Fiverr. Once your head is rolling over the floor, there is no way to attach it again.


Yeah. I’ve never read a case where a perm disabled account got a resuscitation.


The guys above are right. The odds of you getting your account back are microscopically small.

I think your best option is to apologize to Support, tell them you’ve read familiarized yourself with the ToS, and ask if you’re allowed to come back under another name.

They may still say no, but it’s your only realistic play, imo.


It was another account, I can’t log into my original one! I was selling business copywriting services


How do you feel about my situation? Is a disable really fair? Especially since one of them was incorrect.


Without knowing every detail we are not able to judge the merits of what fiverr did.

I know that they do not ban an account easily or with just one person looking at the situation.

The thing where you communicated by email was the last straw so it should be no surprise this happened. You should have been familiar with the terms of service.

That said, you have my sincere “sorry this happened to you.”

Since this account you are using now was made back in 2016, it looks like you have a habit of violating the terms of service.


At, this point you will have no other choice but to start from ground up again. It’s going to be tough, but just be extra careful.

Good observation! This could’ve been the deciding factor as well.


@christianlucas4 Best of luck starting over, it’s not easy but you can do it! Don’t do anything to get it disabled again, just work at it and do the best you can.


Honestly I don’t feel anything since I only read one side of the story. Even if I read all sides, I wouldn’t feel anything about it.
I understand the frustration that comes with it though.
While expressing it can make you feel better, I always tend to move on immediately when disaster strikes.
So most of the time, while people mourn, I’m already busy with the next venture.


Resilience is the best survival skill to have.


It’s a necessity. Once one is pushed out of the comfort zone and doesn’t have any other choice to develop resilience, he/she will. There is no way around it.

Watching rap movies can be a good motivation :slight_smile:


my resilience is:


I’m pretty sure that drinking that much wine is the only way you could convince yourself that it’s a good idea to set up multiple accounts in the first place. That and complain that the system is flawed on the official Fiverr forum when one or more gets shut down.


It happened to me first:

  1. Account more than 1

  2. Bad service

  3. Not yet known the factor


In one of my psych classes, I learned that the mentally healthiest people are those who go straight to solutions when faced with challenging events. They do not waste time complaining or fretting and fussing over what happened. They immediately figure out how to fix things and proceed.

Congratulations on being one of the mentally healthy people! :wink:


I’m actually more high functional depressive. I like to solve my problems before they occur. In the past I always waited until the very last moment and then I had a load of problems at once. That was quite depressing.
Don’t do that anymore.

It’s years ago that I really felt depressed. Years ago I always looked forward to the day that I die, but now I’m happier than anybody I know.


Just reading what you wrote. I just want to give you a hug, so here’s a virtual one. :hugs:
I’m thrilled that you’re in a happy place in your life. :slightly_smiling_face:


You sure your kidneys are doing ok?