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Fiverr Disabled My Account of 5 to 7 Years

I have had my account for 5 to 7 years and haven’t sold a gig for 3 years. I only had 1 gig posted and over $2k worth of purchase. All of sudden I try to log in my account is disabled. Please don’t give me that crap about TOS. Many people complaining in this forum are abiding by their terms of service. Apparently, what Fiverr is doing is not about money it’s about gaining power.

If they really wanted to make money they wouldn’t disable accounts. What is your input on my account and any tips? And if you have a Fiverr account just know that it can be deleted any time without notice.

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Fiverr does not disable accounts unless there is a strong reason to do so. What did they indicate you had done wrong?.. Because, as much as you might hate to hear this, you most likely DID do something wrong?

If you wish to have more valuable input from us here on the forums, you’re going to have to share a little more about the situation. You’re going to have to be more specific.

Hi They claim I violated their Terms after a careful review of my account.
And let’s be honest I bet that message sounds familiar to you because
many people have posted something similar. I have used my account
the same way for 5 to 7 years any never have I received a warning.
I don’t have many gigs posted. And the gig I have posted is the gig
Fiverr approved. Seems to me some of the people that work in Fiverr
are trying to cast down a particular type of people from using their
platform, which is spiritual discrimination. As that has nothing to do
with business.

Even Top Seller’s with great scores are getting disabled accounts.
How do you explain that

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You could be following Fiverr’s rules and they still screw you over. Got my best selling gig deleted because of my work process even though I stated in the gig that it’s part of the work process and all business is done on Fiverr and I talked to 2 different reps and they both said do this and you’ll be good.


GIG DELETED so I’m back to square 1.


I understand that you are upset, but you still haven’t stated what Fiverr CS indicated you did wrong (according to their TOS). We know they reviewed your account. What did they tell you they found when they reviewed your account?

What were you selling? Did you have more than one account?

if you want feedback, you’re going to have to be more specific.


They might have their gods working with them to spiritually detect
certain types of people to discriminate against. Here is the email
they sent me word for word.

Hi nicole20style!

We are constantly working on improving every aspect of our marketplace. Our dedicated team has reviewed your account activity and determined that it is in violation of our Terms of Service and/or other policies. As a result, this message is to let you know that your Fiverr account has been disabled.

Any available balance that remains in your account after 90 days, will be available for withdrawal pending account verification and approval by our team.

For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us


The Fiverr team

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I was working with a very nice programmer and I gave him many reviews
and just from the time I spent working with him I knew he was a nice
person. Well fiverr lied and deleted his account and he created a new

Well, there you go. I think we’ve found your problem. You had more than one account. Fiverr sent your stated message to your “nicole20style” account, but your current “courtneysoffer” account has also been active since May 2014. That’s two accounts active at the same time. This is clearly prohibited in the Fiverr TOS.

Fiverr was well within their rights to take action against your account. Be happy that they let you keep one of them, and didn’t ban both outright.

You NEED to be aware of the rules as posted in the TOS. You clearly broke them, and Fiverr penalized you for it. Fiverr didn’t do anything wrong… you did.

Learn from this lesson, and don’t have more than one account.

This is my sisters account. She is allowing me to use this account
to spread the word about my account.

People use this “sibling” excuse all the time. Maybe you are telling the truth… still, it looks like two accounts – which you have access to, and are using here on Fiverr. Perhaps that is what Fiverr saw as well.

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I don’t think you have ever heard that before and Fiverr
would have just stated that if that were the case. I doubt it
has to be one account per household.

I have, MANY times here on the forums. I am 100% certain that other forums users have heard this as well – since we have all responded to sellers claiming “sibling” accounts many times over the years.

I (and others) have heard of Fiverr taking action against accounts where there are more than one account in the same household – regardless of “whomever” is using those accounts. It sounds like Fiverr saw the activity of those multiple “sibling” accounts in your household, and took action. If you think they are in error, and your "sister’ really does have an account, take your concerns to CS. There is nothing any of us can do for you here on the forums.

This is sounding more an more like a perceived/actual case of multiple accounts. We’ve seen sellers banned for this very thing many times before. Take it to CS… and be polite. Anger will not help your cause.

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You are clearly of NO HELP and Don’t have a real solution.
Fiver would have to be the Stupidest Company ever to
disable an account because another sibling in the same
household has an account on Fiverr. That’s dumb as hell.
And no that is not against Fiverr for my Sister to have her
account and I to have mine.

That’s like YouTube saying one account per Household
Hahaha Nice Try Hype man for Fiverr.

If you are logging from same internet with your sisters account, that would mean you have multiple accounts, therefore you will get banned.

If that is the case, you needed to ask before CS about creating second account for your sister.


Fiverr might disabled my account but i agree with you fiverr is not realiable place to do long term business.

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Very well. I tried to help. But you don’t want the help that I am offering.

Good luck as you decide what to do next.

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So when did this become an issue like don’t share your computer to log in.
Don’t share the same tablet to create an account this is all an excuse.

I think they hired new people

This is indeed just your opinion, because this is most definitely not happening. Fiverr is not intentionally targeting “old sellers account” just because they want to “promote and establish” Fiverr Pro. Removing sellers who break the TOS/rules has absolutely nothing to do with promoting Fiverr Pro.


Do you work for Fiverr? And yes this could be true because I was starting to Promote the affiliate opp