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Fiverr disabled My account with Revenue Inside. 90 days is past without communicating My Revenue Withdrawing Process

Does anyone already as similar problem, after my account gets disabled. I contacted fiverr support to know why I couldn’t login into my account or find my account through search. Which they replied, My account was disabled. That I should contact after 90days so I can get my revenue on the account.
But 90days is already past. I have send some couples of mail to fiverr support to start the withdraw process of my revenue in the account that was disabled. But as at now, 90days already past, Fiverr as ignore my mail, without a reply.
Please can the support team see this and tell me the reason for keeping silence over my mail?
(xpertwriter001) is my username that got disabled.

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Your account looks ok to me. When they disable an account they usually remove it from the site but yours is right there with your gigs. OK now I see that you had two accounts. You’re lucky they left you one.

Customer Support doesn’t monitor the forum.

You mentioned that you emailed them a couple of times. If you really used email that’s not efficient. Use the ticket system at

You don’t want to submit 2 or more tickets since that becomes spam. Just submit one ticket and wait a few days. That’s really your only choice.


Why is fiverr slow at paying us what we rightly owned.? After working under pressure to satisfy buyers. And its already two days I am still waiting without telling me how to withdraw my earnings.

You had two accounts which is completely against the rules.
IMO you shouldn’t get the earnings at all and the reason that they are slow to pay you is because you broke the rules and they are ensuring that you have not broken any more rules or laws. Don’t break the rules and you won’t have problems like this.


I’m not sure people with two accounts who have one closed ever get the money from it.

Fiverr Please attend to my request. I beg you please in the name of God.
Lesson learnt. It wont repeat itself.

:urn::pray: Pray to fiverr that you are forgiven.

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Fews days? could you tell how many days am I to wait?

How much $ are we talking about?

No, I can’t. Usually it’s not long, but your situation is pretty different. Since I don’t know why they cut you off the first time and it sounds like you had two accounts at the same time I am not sure what they will do. Good luck.

This is forum. Nobody on the forum can give you your funds. You will have to wait for Customer Support to respond to you, and hope that they’re willing to give you your funds. If you broke the rules, they’re not obliged to do it; it’s up to them to decide.