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Fiverr disabled my account


My question is how was what he did a violation to fiverr TOS?? Buyer asked for a refund means the seller is entitled to do whatever he wanted to site.


I believe my inner Don Corleone would awake in a situation like that.


The strangest thing about this is that you created a website that was good enough for the buyer to use but yet you agreed to cancel the order because the buyer said it wasn’t…
If you do the work, don’t cancel - even if the buyer says he isn’t happy - if you do the work then you should get paid.
Think I’m wrong? Go to a restaurant, eat their food, say it wasn’t what you wanted and see what they say to you, they won’t offer you your money back, that’s for sure.

Regarding the other stuff you mention, being vindictive is always a bad idea. I always say this to buyers but sellers should also remember - Read the ToS before you act.


I actually never read fiverr TOS can some link the to me. I need to study them.


It’s the “Legal” link at the bottom of every page on the site and forum.


In the restraunt scenario, they can call the cops on those who refuse to pay, there is also the fear of social humiliation in full public view.

In case of Fiverr, the buyer has the power of a negative review, 1-star rating and eventual chargeback which will let the seller have the additional privilege of having their account banned, all of this backed by the anonymity which the internet offers to the buyer. The buyer has no financial liability, Fiverr has no real ‘laws’ to ensure payment, and there no loss of face for the buyer.

The buyer can behave like a total…well, unfair person, and get away with it.

If one refuses to give in to buyer tantrums, the loss of revenue from the deescalation in search rankings due to a 1-star review will take a toll.


Restaurants can face a negative review even without the reviewer having bought anything there.
On Fiverr, you can generally get unfair reviews removed if you can prove it.
How the buyer responds to a refusal to cancel varies too, depending on how you handle it. I believe that some who seek an unfair cancellation, such as the one mentioned by the OP, are chancing their luck. By remaining calm and responding professionally you will reduce the chances of them responding badly. Those who go to a chargeback after this will probably have done so anyway. If you follow the guidelines for avoiding chargebacks then it is unlikely to have got this far.
I have had people chancing it with me and then accepting delivery and giving 5 stars. Other times they have left negative reviews that I got removed although 2 have stuck.


@akshaysihag: I am so sorry for what happened to you. When someone does us wrong - with malicious intent - as with any person, anger takes over our emotions and we want payback.

Unfortunately, the worst thing we can do is act on a spur of the moment emotion. I have sent emails and spoken too hastily so many times, I can’t even count. Things always backfire on me.

Well, what is done is done and there is no going back, so I am not going to pour salt in your wounds.

I gather you have been a very successful seller on Fiverr? I say it because you stated this was your only souce of income to support your family. You can, and you WILL be successful again. Start fresh on another freelance site or take odd jobs until you get back on your feet.

I know you are upset right now, but I have a strong feeling, you will be very successful again! All the best.


I faced a similar situation where the buyer, after I delivered, sent extra work (not revision) and basically said that he expects the extra work or he is entitled to a cancellation. I refused. So he sent a mutual cancellation with a threat of negative review. I sent a screenshot to CS, they said “we urge buyers and sellers to resolve matters between themselves through the resolution center”, “we cannot force a buyer to accept an order” and that “buyers are entitled to leave feedback”. So it was clear that I was on my own, so I accepted the mutual cancellation. Dealing with a refund was better than having to deal with canned messages.

That was 48 hours ago. Now I see the buyer who was apparently unsatisfied with the work is not only merrily using my work, but I saw his request in Buyer Requests today, trying to hire other sellers to build upon the work which I had delivered (or ‘not delivered’, according to him).

I pinged CS, they told me to ping them back after 48 hours if he still continues to use it.

THIS I wholeheartedly agree with.


CS will never give you a guarantee of removing a review, they can only act after the fact.
Imagine if they said “its ok, we will remove the review” and you go back to the buyer and swear obscenities at them! CS cannot take that chance.
To be fair, I can understand not taking the chance of a negative review as you are relatively new. Anyone with over 100 reviews should not have any problem with a negative one now and then.


I know it can be frustrating sometimes, i had a lot of these customers (Oh, i am not ranked 1st in search - “i never said you would”) I always hold my ground and deal with customer support ONLY, never deal with the customer, because on every freelancer website it’s against the rules, not only on fiver. Upwork, freelancer com, entrepreneur, guru…every single website tells you the same thing: “Don’t mess with him, tell us and we take care of it”. At most you lose your money, but keep your account secure and with no negative review.
Maybe make another account, get in contact with people here on forums that bought from you and were regulars, work with them till you get enough reputation to be trusted again. And you don’t wanna read the ToS? No problem, but remember 3 big rules in freelancing.

  1. Every customer can be an asshole! - It depends on mood, on what he had in mind before he ordered, on his education, or maybe he is just someone who rips off people. Just feel good when he’s not and act as another busy day at the office if he is.
  2. State your rules loud and clear. Don’t leave room for interpretation, don’t let him work around your words. In your case, with your gigs, the 1st rule should be “3 free revisions. One at 25%, one at 50% and one at 75%. 4th is paid (will always get payed for 4th, because the final touch is what matter the most.”
  3. Treat CS as your friend, not someone who is looking at you over the fence. Be straight with them, ask them questions, report odd situations, even if you think you can handle them, but you are not sure how. They know how.

Now just be a man and stop crying on forum. It’s just a setback, not a tragedy. Now you know how to deal with people like that. We all learned a valuable lesson. On you.


Having read your responses on other threads, this message sounds like it has been written by someone else. :joy:

I mean, good stuff.


Told you, it’s about the mood :slight_smile: I have a baby now, haven’t slept in days, i can be grumpy :smiley:


Really sorry to wake up to this news. Akshay is one seller I admire and have spoken to in the past. Really sad.


If there is one lesson sellers can learn from this, it’s that you must diversify. You cannot just depend on a single source of income. Speaking as a writer, I think it’s time I started writing my own ebooks and maybe start my own blog.


@phantompower This is terrible advice and I suggest you do read the ToS thoroughly if you intend to stick around on Fiverr. No matter what the buyer did, the website still belongs to that buyer. The work done by the seller should have been paid for, of course, and the seller could have filed a takedown notice, filed a BBB complaint or used other options to address the issue. It is sad that the seller was ripped off.

Since the website itself still does not ever belong to the seller, the seller had no right to alter it personally. This may not have even been the fault of the person who really owns the sight. It could have been an employee with site credentials who hired a Fiverr seller to escape doing a job, for example. Installing ransomware on a site could lead to serious legal charges regardless of what Fiverr ToS says. if it isn’t illegal, it’s completely unethical. I would never buy anything from a seller who suggests the installation of malicious software on a stranger’s website or computer for any reason. I’m floored.

As to ToS, one other thing the seller admits to doing is that he contacted previous clients off-Fiverr:[quote=“akshaysihag, post:11, topic:101632”]
i went to their websites and used the e-mail address that were on their website and that’s how i was able to contact 9-10 of my clients

That’s a ToS violation in itself. Fiverr told the seller that additionally

I do feel bad for the seller and I understand that he regrets his actions. I doubt he can get the account back, but I do feel for him. I’m more surprised by your malicious “tip” than by what he actually did. Please don’t ever use the forum to encourage illegal or unethical activities again.


I assumed you were joking since it’s such a malicious thing to say but even then it’s not funny.


a few times i also wanted to take revenge from buyers. but then i thought for a second and realized i will have better options and more orders in future. so i let the buyer go and just generate a ticket against them because it is my duty to inform Fiverr about such buyers. and after that i get on my new orders and take a fresh start… :smiley:

Anger is a very bad thing my friend. Always take a glass of water and before reacting think about the consequences. May be you should realize your mistakes and re join Fiverr again and promise yourself to stay calm. i believe if you are good seller you will rise again:grinning:


You shouldn’t have done that to the buyer. Now you lost everything over one single buyer.
You have to start over again.


I was just joking but people failed to see the joke. So am just waiting for this post to slowly fade away after a solution is found.