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Fiverr Disabled My Level 2 Fiverr Account (350+ Reviews) on The Behalf of Fake Copyrights Report

Fiverr Disabled my Account on The Behalf of Fake Copyrights Complaint My Previous User Name was [X.Y.Z].

May be Fiverr Ban my This New profile Which I Created to Put my Problem in-front of Forum’s Members.

I agree that fiverr is a Great Platform for Freelancer but Some Scammers Leave bad impact on fiverr Popularity.

Few days ago Fiverr Disable my Account Without any Warning. I had 350+ Reviews on My Profile and You people Know very well That how much you have to do hard work for a single Positive Review.

They Replied my fist 2 Request via Auto Generated Messages but Now They are not answering my Request.

Here is My Request I sent to Fiver Please Have a Look

Hi Fiverr Customer Support

I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue happened with my Fiverr Account and this issue is Effecting to other Fiverr seller’s Profiles.

Fiverr disabled my Fiverr Account a few days ago Due to Third Party Terms of Services.

Actually Few Sellers (Competitors) who are providing Services on Fiverr Reporting Others Seller’s Profiles and GiGs who are providing same services related to their GiGs.

What method they are Using Report to Fiverr.

1) 1st they analyze to GiGs related to Their own GiGs Which is Providing Same Services and Getting More Order Than By him.

2) And Then They Create Same GiG with Same Description and image and Report to Fiverr for Copyright Content Violations.

3) As Per Fiverr They Do not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyright, trademarks or other rights. They only remove Gigs for third party terms of service violations if reported by the relevant third party.

What is this? Why you do not Check User Uploaded Content for Violations of Copyright, trademarks or other rights?

You are disabling to Fiverr seller’s Accounts but you are not Checking User Uploaded Content and for a single fake Violation Reporting you disable fiverr Seller Account.

Why Don’t You Think that for a Single 5 stars Review takes how much hard work has to do???
Is a Fiverr Buyer respected for you Only ?? Sellers are nothing???

Why you are not Answering Manually to Those sellers who have lost their Accounts due to Fake Copyrights Violation Reports by Scammers. (You Just Sent him Auto Generated Answer)

I am 100% sure that my GiGs Are Reported by Fake Sellers/Buyers.

What I Want From You?

1. Check that seller/Buyer who reported my GiG/Content/Profile.
2. Has he an authentic fiverr Profile you can trust on his Profile?
3. Check All of Us GiGs/content mine and him That, Is My GiG/Content is Old are him??
4. If his GiG/Content is New and Mine is Old Then you Can Easily Judge that he is a Fake Person.

Please take action immediately and point out those Scammers who are reporting to Other’s Content and Asking to Fiverr for Remove their GiG/Content/Profile.
I always provided Quality work to seller and played role to make fiverr a best freelancing platform.

I never violated to Any Term of fiverr So Please Reactivate My Fiverr Account to keep providing Quality services to Fiverr Buyers.

Best Regards

According to Fiverr they don’t Check to user Uploaded Content then how Can they Disabled to any fiverr Account on the behalf of Copyrights Content Complain.
As i described Above My be a a Scammer or Competitor Create a New GiG with Same image and Content as mine and Report to me that i am Using his Content.
Because Fiverr Don’t have ant System to Check copy content they disable Reported Account.

They Disabled My Account also for This Reason.

They take action for that person’s Complain who does Complain Earlier.

There Should be Proper Dispute System and both parties should submit proof and after Checking all things They Should make any Decision.

How they can Disabled to seller Account on the behalf of any person without Giving any Waring even they don’t have any Content Checking system.

Here is Their Reply which they send me you can see they say that they don’t Check User Uploaded Content .

Please Advise me how to solve this issue

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Are you aware that creating another account is also violating the TOC’s? You should have waited patiently and Mailed them about the issue. I have contacted the Fiverr Support and they do listen to you and reply you with complete information. I’d suggest you to Mail them and ask for the reason. There is nothing like “Auto filled Mails” when contacting them via Mail services. You can try that and if still it’s not fixed, you can contact the Fiverr staff on Forums. But step 1 is to Mail them.

I think you didn’t read that my 1st account has been disabled.

You should focus on problem.

Yeah and if first account is disabled, you should remain patient and use the Mail to contact the Customer Support.

Actually, it looks like they didn’t disable your account because they thought you copied someone’s gig. Like you said yourself, they disabled it because you violated a third party’s Terms of Service:

Now, I found some of your old gigs through Google cache, and it looks like you were offering to post links on Reddit (and various social media). Reddit might have seen that as spam, and spam isn’t allowed.


I’m so sorry to hear that friend…