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Fiverr disabled - twice

Aloha good people,

TLDR: First account got disabled after waiting 2 months for the review team. Second account got disabled too, after politely asking if my unlinked Payoneer card would work as a withdrawal method.

I’ve been a Fiverr member for about 5 years now. I had a killer account with more than 2k+ reviews in the graphic design category. I know I did my fair share of warnings before it got disabled. But I also know that 1/3 of them were unintentional and 1/3 of them weren’t my fault.

Unintentional? A clients order was completed automatically. He asked to pay further for revisions, and I liked to work with him so told him no, just to message me again in a few days so I don’t forget. I don’t know if he didn’t message me or I saw it and lost track of it, but after a week, he cancelled the order.

I got warnings because of clients cancelling projects after the order is completed. Mostly, Paypal chargebacks. Not my fault.

The ones that were my fault, I am aware of. Delivering late.

So, Fiverr sends my account in review. No set time frame. Waited to months to get hit back with a “No”. Clients kept asking for projects, I couldn’t send them anywhere but told them to wait and proceed via Fiverr.

What do I do? No other income, I open a new one. Things started slow but I was doing good, earnings were piling up. When I thought of withdrawing at first, before opening the new account, I unlinked the Payoneer account from Fiverr. Asked Payoneer CS to unlink the funding source called Fiverr. They did that. So, when I wanted to withdraw from the new ones, I sent a request to Fiverr CS to ask if I can use the old Payoneer card because I unlinked it. They asked about my old account, I gave them the info. Next thing I know, this one got disabled too.

I sent a long ranting email to them with ANOTHER (third) account since I couldn’t respond with the blocked account, and I am still waiting their reply.

EDIT: this is the old account that I posted with. Not sure why it is still active or accessible in the forum.

Sorry to hear what happened with your first account, but having multiple accounts is against TOS and is likely why your second account (and I assume third) was or will be blocked.

From my understanding, you need to contact CS prior to making a new account and get their permission to do so. It’s probably also a good idea to not send them ranting emails. Just be polite and professional.


I know it’s against TOS, but this one was disabled. Everything was shut down. How can it be an actual account when you can’t use it? Gigs were disabled. No orders were active. Wasn’t able to log in.

I didn’t know that I should contact them before opening a new account. Still, even if I knew, I would have had to open a new account and send them a ticket. Therefore, a TOS conflict.

As for the rant, I think it is needed. I had my fair share of troubles with other sellers and buyers getting away with designs and none of them are even disabled or gigs denied.

No, you don’t get warnings for cancelled orders. There is more to a story and fiverr sent you an email stating a reason of that warning.

And again NO, fiverr doesn’t give you warnings for delivering late. You broke other rules there.

No matter if you asked politely or not, you are not allowed to have or open a second account if your first one was banned or under the review. If you are banned you are banned forever.
As for asking CS I doubt that would’ve changed anything, no one came on the forum saying that they asked for permission and fiverr just let them open another account.
Fiverr doesn’t disable accounts just to let people easily open new ones.


don’t worry about that, start again. I have account with more than 5k reviews. one day i got 10 orders. I just deliver withing time limit. after that my account was disable fiverr said those are fake orders.
I have nothing to do it. start again don’t worry man you can do it