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Fiverr disabled withdrawal for the CRAZIESTS reason

Guys, I cannot bring myself to type this without getting more and more pissed as I tell the story
I opened a ticket on this issue a month ago. That’s 30 days and counting guys. So what’s the issue?

A Customer, let’s call him Bob, paid $300 for HTML emails, design, content creation, and set up in Mailchimp. We delivered, got a 5-star review from the customer, and went on to do a lot of free work for the customer because why settle for a 5-star review when you can over-deliver and have a customer raving about you to their friends.

Well, if you thought Fiverr valued honesty and hard work then you are in for some shitty reveal.

A few days later, this customer comes along and wants to continue working with us on another project. We sent him a reply that we were swamped at the moment and we cannot accept any new clients on or off Fiverr. We apologized for the inconvenience too and put the account on vacation.

We return to Fiverr a few months later to a disabled withdrawal. Why?

The same customer had contacted Fiverr that they were not able to reach us and they needed assistance with more work. THIS WAS ENOUGH REASON FOR FIVERR TO DISABLE A WITHDRAWAL.

It’s not that the customer didn’t like the job and wanted a refund or that we charged the customer and didn’t deliver. NO!

The customer wanted us to continue working for them at a time where we couldn’t and we declined.

I am attaching another image as proof of what I’m saying. This image shows Fiverr customer service telling me what the issue is

Guys, for over a month, I have been BEGGING Fiverr Customer Support to help enable my withdrawal.

INSANE how very little value Fiverr places on sellers. Fiverr clearly believes sellers to be slaves without the ability to say “Sorry I cannot work with you right now”, because how dare a seller have a say?


From CS’s message, maybe the “needed your assistance about the order work” was them thinking it was about the order you’d completed (or done some of) not a brand new project that you said you couldn’t work on (and was never ordered) due to having too much other work.

Maybe reply to CS and explain more. You should have a right not to work on a future project if you don’t want to or have too much other work. They shouldn’t make that affect your right to withdraw. That CS are limiting your right to withdraw also suggests it could have been about the payment from a past order (that CS thought the issue was concerning a past order) from that person (not the new project the buyer wanted you to work on but was never an order).


Hey man,

Thanks for your reply. Believe me when I tell you I have gone over this with CS and it is not about the job done. The $300 job was done to perfection. Client checked and left a 5-star review.

And about replying to customer service and explaining, I have a month’s worth of screenshots to share if you want to see. There’s nothing I haven’t said or even sent as proof. I’m even willing to refund the customer his $300 at this point.

And better still, I’d talk to any Fiverr Customer Care agent on this thread if they even read this stuff.

If they can show me what I’ve done wrong, they have my permission to shut down the account.

As of this moment, they’re chalking this issue under a bug malfunction.

What the hell type of malfunction is so difficult that the developers in Fiverr, a company worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, cannot fix in a month?


Usually, even if the Customer Service is (highly) unresponsive, they will recognize your concern when it is discussed in Fiverr’s Terms of Service.
Here is something the Payments Terms and Conditions says:

For security concerns, Fiverr may temporarily disable a Seller’s ability to withdraw revenue to prevent fraudulent or illicit activity. This may come as a result of security issues, improper behavior reported by other users, or associating multiple Fiverr accounts to a single withdrawal provider.

You can explain to Customer Service that denying withdrawal is only allowed in cases of fraud, which this is clearly not. You can also explain that (assuming you used Out of Office Mode) that you have the right to take time off of the platform.


Hi Elii,

Thanks for chiming in - and yes I did use the out-of-office mode at the time. Fiverr Customer Service has spent the last 30 days repeating the same thing to me " Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about the bug in the system so we will have to wait for the technical team" and " This ticket has been escalated to our technical team and we will let you know as soon as we get an update"

Now, imagine having to pour your heart out and plead your case knowing you did nothing wrong and you get this generic response followed by weeks of silence. No updates… NOTHING AT ALL.

I’m completely frustrated with Fiverr and how sellers are treated

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I’m really frustrated about this too… they should not be treating you this way. Have you tried emailing Customer Service ( ? You may have a different person, who will have a different perspective and actually want to help.


I haven’t sent an email honestly, but I suspected that communicating with different agents might help. So I had 2 different tickets on the issue. See screenshot

And they closed one down, saying they wanted to keep the entire correspondence in one place.

It’s a nightmare… my worst yet.

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Yeah, they aren’t big fans of when you submit two tickets on the same topic. But from what I’ve heard, they seem fine if you send an email after submitting a ticket and waiting for a while for a solution.

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I’ve sent an email. Let’s see what they say this time.


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Not sure what did it. Whether it was the fact that I had waited over a month or whether it was the fact that I brought it to their attention that their actions goes against their own terms of service as you pointed out earlier but as of now, they have reactivated my withdrawal.

Thank you


Why do you think they disabled your withdrawal because if that order?

It never happens. If the client complains that they couldn’t reach you then in most cases fiverr refund the client. They don’t gain anything by blocking your withdrawal.
Most likely it was either a glitch or weird activity in your account if someone tried to hack it and therefor they disabled your withdrawal button to protect it.

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Hi Maria,

That’s because that’s what they told me so I don’t know what you mean by “It never happens” but since you say so, I guess you have a way with Fiverr that even their customer service doesn’t? JK

Listen, that’s what they told me. Okay? Awesome.

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Do you have a screenshot where did they tell you that? Was that an email? Or did they tell you precisely that it was because of that order when you reached out to them?

In the screenshot that you attached it nowhere said that it was because of that order


That’s awesome! I’m glad this issue is resolved.