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Fiverr disappoints me

I have been a Fiverr seller for years and now Fiverr doesn’t seems to be working very efficiently. They take about 5 days to reply to any inquiries made and also the latest update is very problematic. Are you experienced the same ?


Yes, but honestly I would accept the ridiculous wait times for support if the eventual responses were at all helpful. I got an incredibly vague automated email telling me that if I wanted more info Fiverr support is available 24/7 to help me out, so I contact them and wait a few days (what does 24/7 mean then?) only to receive a reply that says “read the guidelines.” Great. That’s not customer support, obviously if the guidelines were helpful while I’m dealing with a difficult order I wouldn’t be wasting my time waiting 4 days to get support. So I ask again and receive the reply “Reread the guidelines.” It’s quite possibly the worst customer support I’ve ever experienced, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Not a single name or email address on the whole website, you’re just stuck in an endless loop of being told to contact support and then support telling you to read the guidelines and then the guidelines telling you to contact customer support. Embarrassing.



Same here man ! Customer support is highly unsatisfactory. Things got worse after the few last updates