Fiverr Discover: All The Inspiration You Need (and More)


Introducing Fiverr Discover, your new home for inspiration.

Seeking inspiration? You’ve come to the right place.

Our Editorial Team is thrilled to introduce Fiverr Discover: your new home for #MadeOnFiverr inspiration. Get your creative juices going by browsing a library of curated collections from almost every category, all created by real Fiverr sellers around the world.

Looking for something specific? You can filter by type of project, style, or category. When something catches your eye, connect with the seller directly to collaborate on your next project. Just browsing? Fuel your entrepreneur fire and spark your next great idea by simply scrolling through the beautiful cascade of creativity.

And because innovation comes from many sources, we’re also launching a monthly Fiverr Discover newsletter, chock-full of more ideas and examples. Be on the lookout for a fresh batch of inspiration, coming soon to an inbox near you.

Want your work to be featured? Share your #MadeOnFiverr work on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #FiverrDiscover and your Fiverr username for a chance to be showcased!

Ready to get started? Discover Fiverr, now—and check frequently for latest updates, inspiration, and additions to our growing roster of talented creators.

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How do i get my design to be featured on fiverr discover?
What is fiverr discover?


It’s a nice add-on to the site. :slight_smile: Looking forward to more of such add-ons which is beneficial to buyers and sellers. But I would be even happier with the updated blind review system. :smiley: You wrote that it’s coming “in the following weeks”, so I’m really looking forward to it as the current version is a pain in the ass.


wao what a great thing introduced by fiverr team. Really amazed!!!



This is honestly a great idea! I really wish Fiverr can put something like this together for content creators.


I really like this new feature, is a great opportunity to share great work.


Wow, Great Feature It is So Awesome & really Cool


Maybe it’s too early because there aren’t enough gigs, but as a buyer I’m not really seeing the advantage over search, which is much more advanced :slight_smile:
I guess the selection is a bit more unique, but once you get enough gigs there they will start repeating.

I suppose the main difference is the social media integration so that you can easily share it.
And sellers with social media following have a chance to get featured.


I’m so proud to see Fiverr evolving with time.


I agree with you. What about those of us who have clients that demand the utmost confidentiality? Or those who do gigs that can’t be share on social media?

Then again, not every feature of Fiverr has to serve every seller. I suppose this is a great feature for graphic artists, but like you, I put my faith on search.

If I can’t be found, I don’t exist. If I can be found, I make money. It’s as simple as that.


Brilliant! I like this page. I see some of my favourite seller get featured there. Love it.


If you have a Product Hunt account, please help out Fiverr Discover with some upvotes!


thanks for your advise and future


Owo thats greate. I wish you will love it again and again


It seem like a Pinterest clone. :smirk:


This is nice and interesting.

I hope that at some point even the wordsmiths around here will have an opportunity to showcase their work. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have a twitter account but have not yet used it.
I’d appreciate some guidance very 'much . . .
Do I upload a picture of my work + “#fiverrdiscover” + mae_creativity ??
Or ??
Or the link to my gig?

I have no idea . . . Thanks in advance for your advice. :slight_smile:


Need to try. Hope it will be awesome.


Guys you are amazing! :heart_eyes: Love your stuff! :+1:


very helpful… thanks.