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Fiverr displays Animals Related videos on my Fiverr messages?

I don’t know hwy , but lately , when I open my fiverr Inbox, I find some videos about treating animals and stuff. I don’t know why or how
Seee the image attached.

What the hell?! Piggly :pig2: wiggly is in the building.
Are you sure you didn’t install a dubious browser toolbar or something?

Animal cruelty is BAD, BAD, BAD!!!

no, nothing on the browser, and it’s only on Fiverr,…

Happened like 3 times for me…

I don’t know what’s that for

This is really weird. I would submit a ticket to customer support and send them those screenshots.


It is weird, when it happened the first time , I thought that the customer found a new way to attach youtube videos.

but when it happende the second time, on a different message, I was like what is that?

thank you. :slight_smile:

Either those are ads in Fiverr page or adware in browser :frowning:
You can use extensions which blocks add for a test. If don’t work, better to send those images to CS as @annai80 said.
First time hearing about this piggy stuff on Fiverr!


I am using Adblock on google chrome, and rarely get ads on the websites (that contains ads)

that’s why It was weird , when I found it on Fiverr , and specially Fiverr’s Inbox…

Okay, now it seems not only weird but also mysterious :grin: