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Fiverr disrespected my personality!

Hello Fiverr Friends,
First, thank you for reading my topic.
My account has been restricted and blocked because i got 3 violation warnings because of feedback removal after completed 400 orders within 3 months. Lets explain what the last one was. I completed an order and my buyer gave me 4.7 stars rate and immediately send me a message asking how can he change the feedback and give me 5 stars because i deserve it. I told him that he can modify it in the order or contact support and maybe they can do it. I hope that he contacted support and they blocked my account because i “pushed” the buyer to remove the feedback. I call anyone from FIVERR SUPPORT TEAM to REVIEW again my account and give me a change to explain the things if they did not understand the situation.
I love this site and my rate and success show that.
Fiverr disrespected my personality and rights. I won’t give up! I need my account back!


I feel so sorry for you ! This is not suppose to be happened :frowning:


Can you please clarify this?

It’s unfortunate what happened to you. I hope things get resolved quickly.


This i the worst thing i have ever experienced on Fiverr! Thank you friend.

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Support keep sending me generic messages with the same text over and over again when i contact them. I need to contact with a human, not a robot. Thank you!

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Please continue…



Sometimes fiverr restrict account just because of some silly mistake(may be not mistake). Few days ago I also got restricted just because I use “Quick Response” field too much. Quick response is provided by fiverr itself to response promptly to any buyers’ request/question there is nothing wrong to use this feature. I contacted CS and the next day restrictions has been removed.


Is this exactly what you said?

What were you saying to buyers about feedback?

Fiverr disrespected my personality!

In what way did they do this?

You are leaving out some things.


I’m also somewhat confused. Can you clarify what exactly you said to your buyer?


Really feeling sorry for you.
I think there was a better solution for this situation. You Should deliver your work again. And then he can easily change the star from 4.7 To 5.

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I have never received an account warning to have people remove the feedback and I tend to contact them first asking if there were any issues, then they get in touch with customer support. Customer support still refuse because of the ‘guilt’ thing, but never an account warning. They just refuse to remove the feedback. Actually, that may be inaccurate. I received one once but I deserved it then because of what I said when I was stressed.

There is NO way that you received an account warning simply for telling somebody who contacted you to change the feedback from a 4.7 to a 5. Absolutely no way. Fiverr customer support may make up rules on occasion, but there is no way you are telling the story as it is here.

You are saying this happened:

  1. Customer left a 4.7

He would NOT hvae realised he left a 4.7 as it actually appears as a 5-star in the feedback.

  1. Customer contacted you to ask how to change it

If he did notice, then sure. That is believable.

  1. You simply said nothing more than “you can request a change in the thing or contact customer support”

That is wildly unbelievable. WILDLY unbelievable.

I am thinking it went like this:

  1. Customer left 4.7
  2. You saw he left 4.7 so contacted him
  3. You begged him to change it
  4. He agreed and asked how
  5. You told him how

I can’t see them warning for any other reason and even then, I doubt that was the reason. I got an account warning for using the gig extenstion button too much. A silly rule. However, NEVER the feedback thing (bar once, I think)

And an account warning for using the quick reply box? no way.


Okay, it might have been a miscommunication, in my personal opinion you should never ask the buyer to change the review, those are their words and should be respected. However, you should contact your buyer asking him/her what was wrong, is there anything you can assist them. Once they do contact you back, saying that everything is good, you can ask them to change the review.

Also, note that sometimes the clients leave 4.7-star review without realizing because just as Ryan said to you, there is a bug in the app.

I do hope that you are going to clear this issue as soon as possible.

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Though it’s still might by risky to ask them to modify it since the terms of service say “Users are to refrain from spamming or soliciting previous Buyers or Sellers to pursue removing/modifying reviews…”.

You might said something which is against fiverr TOS. Read the Fiverr TOS carefully. Feel sorry for you.

The big question is: how did Fiverr disrespected your personality?
How did they do it? In what way? Did they send you a message saying that they disrespect your personality?
Just curious.


Okay, it isn’t even correct to directly ask your review to be changed. It’s best to say “If I have met your requirements this time, and all of the issues were resolved. It would be from big help for me if you can update the review. In case you do not want, it’s totally fine.”

That’s still dangerous - it can be seen as indirect manipulation by compelling the buyer to update the review because “it would be of big help to you” :eyes: Fiverr doesn’t like indirect manipulation either as far as I remember

And saying that to a buyer still sounds like ‘asking’ to me :smiley:

I guess Fiverr, in their overwhelming pool of never-ending new sellers, is clinging on any small thing or word to use it against the seller and act based on it (might be a conspiracy, though…)


Hmm. Good point, usually, I have never come to that part, because after resolving the issue, most of the clients directly asked me how to change the review, but in most cases, they said the review was left due to a mistake. (4.7/4.2 star)

NOTE: I have gotten one negative review (2.9 stars), it was because the client thought I offer something else.

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Maybe they cursed him out before they banned his account, or her.


I guess, we will never know.