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Fiverr Disrespects Sellers Once Again


After 5 years on this site with the exact same gig image, and earning Fiverr tens of thousands of dollars in profit, they decided to pick on me today because my gig image had 5 yellow stars in it.

Their reason? It’s “misleading”

I’d love to know how it’s misleading to display 5 stars when my rating is in fact 5 stars, backed by over 2000 reviews. I’m also a Top Rated Seller.

Now I’m being made to redo my gig image and video to remove the “misleading” stars. Already contacted support and they told me there’s nothing they can do.

This is the same Fiverr who has been unresponsive to site bugs and complaints indefinitely, but they seem to have time to come up with inane new rules and bother hard-working sellers with trivial issues like this.

Yet another dent in my loyalty to Fiverr. Very apparent they don’t care about their sellers.

My advice to anyone working on Fiverr or considering it, start your own website and solicit customers directly along with other freelance platforms. Don’t rely on Fiverr, they can destroy your livelihood at the drop of a hat. Do not trust them with your career and as an only source of income.


Tried to resubmit and they flat out denied the gig, now I can’t do anything but delete it, I can’t edit it.

Their CS team also displayed that they don’t even know the proper use of “their” and “there”

And that’s it, the gig that I had spent years building up to hundreds of 5 star reviews and was earning both me and Fiverr thousands of dollars a month has disappeared in a matter of seconds. I’ve even went over their ToS and I see nothing that my image was against the rules.

Bravo, Fiverr!

Please take my warning, DO NOT USE THIS SITE.


Did you actually remove the stars from all gig images before resubmitting?


Everyone has been getting messages to remove the stars and the levels badges in gig images, not just you. It’s not a big deal to do that. If you do it they put the gig back.

People just have to try to adapt to the changes.


It wasn’t actually a badge, but it was a stack of 5 stars running down the left side of the gig images. From cache:

I don’t know if I would have called it misleading, though I suppose since any of us can get a 1-4 star review at any time they might not want us to represent our ratings in our images. It could be related to the TRS badge too, I don’t know. I just remove things if Fiverr asks me to. They’ve had me edit one of my images at least twice, once for having an image with some low-res stuff in it and once because they just said it was “misleading” for reasons I didn’t totally get. I just made a brand new unique image and moved on.


Awww Alas!!!


To me it seems to be very trivial and time-wasting. They picked on my gig another time as well, and realized they were wrong. They had de-listed it for some other arbitrary reason without even reading the description, then re-listed it after I wrote them. Why couldn’t they leave it alone in the first place?

I’ve also had a pending support bug ticket open for nearly a year on one of my gigs that for some reason can’t have its price changed. That never gets fixed, but they seem to have time to come after people for having stars in their images, even if it is a completely accurate representation of their rating.

A little respect to sellers would be nice, and this is just one thing in a long list of many. Personally I’m recovering from heart surgery and trying to make a living now from my bed. Until today, that was going well. Now since I have no original files, I need to recreate the image, re-script & voice the video, recreate the video (I don’t even remember what was in it - Fiverr deleted it), and spend days with my highest grossing gig deleted and unable to accept orders.

A respectful site could have at least written with a warning instead of simply deleting the gig and telling the seller to fix it or bug off. Now I’ll lose days worth of sales. Is that how a kind business operates and treats its workers? We are the ones making Fiverr their riches and they treat us like dirt.


It seems that the retaliation (that resulted in denying the Gig) happened after you “tried to resubmit”. Did you submit the Gig unaltered?


Why you not remove that stars immidiately when they warning you?


We can all dream. Just as a heads up, you may want to edit any remaining gig images which feature third party brands or products. If one of Fiverr’s dogsbody robots has flagged your gig for gross star abuse, you can bet it will try and catch you out again.

Try not to let the stress wind you up. Simply focus on what you can do. Also, yes, the personal website is a good idea. Try and stay calm. Listen to a clock ticking and with every tick, imagine a Fiverr server exploding. That always works to bring down my blood pressure. Just stop immediately if you notice more site bugs than usual.

Nice gigs by the way. As you are a TRS, you should recover from this. Also, consider making things easy on yourself by using free tools like Canva to create placeholder images while you try to make time to create more high-quality designs.

Stay stress free and and enjoy the upcoming holidays.


Thank you and I appreciate your kind words, it made me smile!


I and it appears lots of sellers have been told to remove our level badges from images and also refrain from mentioning them in our profiles. Fiverr is being extra careful to have everything in order at this time. With levels possibly changing every month to have those shown on gigs or in profiles would indeed mislead people if your level changes suddenly.


Oh man sorry for that, scary how they can just do anything as they please. We just never know…


It would be helpful if fiverr could send out announcements when they make changes like this, for both sellers and the efficiency of the site. Fewer gigs would need to be policed and removed.

They probably don’t want to be deluged with messages about it to customer support.

When I need to relax I drink a cup of chamomile tea and listen to a theta wave video on youtube.


Great idea, seems much more efficient and would certainly come across as friendlier. I don’t really understand how just randomly shutting down gigs of reputable sellers without warning is a good idea in their minds. They just don’t seem to care.


I always try to figure out things from fiverr staff point of view. I can understand why they do it. They don’t want to have to come back to check on gigs later and have to remind people again. They probably find this the most efficient and fastest way to get people to comply.

It can’t be easy having to monitor a million sellers with a billion gigs.


It would certainly be better PR for Fiverr if they communicated changes and expectations to sellers better. I think they owe it to us, based on what they get from us with every sale.

They don’t have any trouble sending me email gig recommendations after I open a gig page, so I’m not sure I understand the limited communication about critical things.


If they send out an announcement probably 30% would comply if even that many. Probably at least 10% would send messages about it to customer support. If they put a deadline date and then said gigs past that date are subject to removal that might inspire sellers to react.


I do both of these at the same time:


The weirdest thing is at first they flagged my gig image a week ago thinking i was asking for 5* reviews and i wrote them to clarify that it conveys my gig is 5* rating so far after 11600+ reviews then they re-instate it. And guess what, today they flag my gig again for the same reason. I wonder if the editors judge this stuff base on their own opinion because its like one editor thinks this way and the other some other way.