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Fiverr do a trial without other seller's gigs showing on our gigs and watch sales go up across the board (maybe)

People have been complaining on the forum about a plummet in sales for the last month approximately. Let’s see if removing the thumbnails of our competitor’s gigs from our gigs makes overall sales for sellers go up.

Just a theory of mine. Does anyone know definitely when they began to show other seller’s gigs on our gigs?

Seems as though it was years ago they started that. They do this “showing of other sellers” stuff on other sites as well (EBay, Etsy, AliExpress etc). I have to admit when I am on any of the above sites and someone else’s listing catches my eye, I do click on it to compare it to the listings I am looking at for any particular product. So, yes, I can see where having those who sell the same basic service as us (and perhaps cheaper) can lure potential buyers off our pages. Thing is, you can get lost in a rabbit hole once you start following suggested listings at the bottom of other listings, and it can end up where you forgot where you started and that initial seller you looked at my not get the sale.



I think they have tried it on and off for a long time but I’m not sure. As you say, it probably steers people away who would otherwise place an order. And then the momentum to purchase anything has gone for good.