Fiverr? Doer? Try Scammerr


I don’t know how you people can do business with this company. My Fiverr experience is that Fiverr is a complete scam.

Last night I ordered a logo design for $100+. My card was charged, and Scammerr got my money. But Scammerr never gave the order to the servicer. Now Scammerr refuses to return my money.

“Doers”, what crap.

Anyone have a recommendation for another way to get a hold of talented people looking for a gig?


Did you get the buffering circle of doom? A lot of people have lately. Complain to Customer Support ( as there seems to be some issue with the engine.

There are plenty of scammers on Fiverr (buyers and sellers), and Fiverr leaves a lot to be desired on a lot of fronts, but it’s not a scam.

What did you like about the ad that made you come here in the first place btw?


Hi there!
@onthewaytravel, it is sad what happened to you in your first experience here. However, as per my personal experience with the Fiverr CS, they are great. You just need to wait and keep following up with them.
By the way, the sellers can’t have access to your money unless it is released by Fiverr itself.
Please let me know if this helps.
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Thank you. I appreciate the kind words. And I don’t blame the seller at all, since he never received the order. How this company can stay in business by intentionally taking money and providing nothing in return.


There are some recent bugs in the order process.
Customer support will be able to help you.


No, they’ve been useless.


What did they say? (20 characters)


They claim they never got my money, but my credit card shows they did.


I’m so sorry. I’m really surprised.


I can’t be the only person raising my eyebrows at Fiverr’s super-buggy payment processing.

There’s like more than 2 complaints a day at the moment.

OP: it’s a fun bug that everyone loves.

PS can everyone stop apologizing for a fup that isn’t theirs? Much less pretending this is a rare event.


If a company makes a mistake, it takes responsibility for it and fixes it. By refusing to fix it, this company is showing itself to be a scammerr.


This has been happening for over a week apparently:


So sorry that your experience was terrible. :frowning:


Have you tried reaching out to Fiverr on social media? Their Facebook page, or FiverrSupport on Twitter? In a polite and respectful way, of course.

Also, have you contacted your bank/card provider? Maybe they can give you more information about what happened.


This may be a bottleneck with Paypal or the credit card processing company.
It seems to be a string of bugs having to do with orders.


Have you used any sort of PREPAID debit/credit card for this transaction?

Payment deducted from my credit card but no order purchased

It was an Amex prepaid card. The sale was approved, and Fiverr got my money. Now they refuse to return the money or give me anything in return.


I figured, Fiverr did have some recent issues with Prepaid cards.
Hence I asked.

Well good luck is all I can say at this point. :thumbsup: