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Fiverr does listen


Our success is their success.

A short while ago there was a thread about the new active orders page redesign.
I’m so delighted to see the new changes being made!


New Dashboard layout, your opinion's?

Has anyone else received the newer updated active orders page yet?



Can you post a screenshot??


(Was in the process of editing it)

I find the newer update a major improvement.


Thanks! Looks much better!

And yes looks like they listened as the changes were suggested by forum members.


Well, other forum members, including me say the new look is terrible, less informative and full of errors.


Are you referring to the old-new version? The version I posted was just released.


Is there still only the days but not hours until delivery?


To be honest none of the designs introduced so far by Fiverr works for me personally.

At least the fixed some of the atrocities in the precious iteration.


Yes - that hasn’t changed just yet! (Hopefully it will!)

I’m with you, lots of work needs to be done…
However, this update is immensely better than the older-new one!


I hope the spelling errors are fixed.

  1. Deilivery Time
  2. Periods left out


Ah, such a pity, they need to listen a bit more, I think it was the most mentioned criticism. :wink: But yes, apart from that, it seems better, not sure though why they sacrifice function (days/hours/(minutes) until delivery) when it´s not even needed for better form.
But okay, hope they will change to re-integrate that useful bit of function soon. I still have the old one for now.