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Fiverr does NOT always support the buyer. 😱

I am tired of seeing sellers here who keep repeating the phrase
“fiverr always supports the buyer”. :-1:

How would you know fiverr always supports the buyer unless you have a lot of disputes with unhappy buyers?

This is absolutely untrue and I’m really tired of seeing this all the time. It sounds like sellers who say this have many problems with buyers which are always their own fault.

Based on my experience fiverr supports the sellers. Fiverr gladly supports sellers when the seller has done everything right.

And never sound angry when talking to customer support! Just give them the facts in an unemotional way if you want them to help. Just saying, it’s good to stay professional at all times.


Great! atleast I heard this from one person otherwise all are complaining. Well I myself have 2 orders cancelled due to my client’s inability to explain or they just wanted to get the designs free by instigating a fight. But as I had heard that buyers are always favoured in the end so I didn’t bother to make a complain with them, which landed me in trouble by reducing my score. Now atleast I know that I can reachout to sypport and they will listen to sellers also. Thanks for the information.

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And remember you do not have to agree to cancel an order ever. Of course you need to weigh whether or not you can stand a bad review if you refuse to cancel but if you have a choice, you can always say no you won’t cancel. If you have a problem mention it briefly to customer support with any supporting screenshots. No more than two or three short sentences please about the problem and above all:


when you communicate. Just give them basic facts.

This makes it much easier for customer support.

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Yes I know that, emotionalism will only put negative impression. I am good at explaining my point and believe in honesty and providing benifit to my clients. Our policies put us either on the path to success or deterioration.

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Actually. I had a rather difficult client some time ago and CS were marvelous. So I second @misscrystal’s point.


I have mixed experience with CS overall but recently (for a year or so) it has improved a lot. It’s either that my issues got much easier to fix or fiverr is doing some quality control but the difference is pretty striking. Everyone’s friendly and the answers don’t look copy/pasted most of the time.


I dont know why someone has to be afraid of a bad review if the person did nothing. You get a chance to rebut whatever the review the buyer writes. Everyone’s experience is different. I never let bad reviews or low marks make me not pick a seller… But I read the reviews . If the reasons are petty …But if its something too egregious to make me beware of the seller then that is it ,I’ll not bother no matter how brilliant the sellers previous gigs had been.
Every site you go people still sell despite bad reviews. Lets face facts a lot of Seller on this site are up to a lot of petty scams . I have seen sellers write rebuttals to bad reviews and I read them . If you did nothing wrong why are you scared for other buyers to know what you do/did. I had a seller I paid for 2D floor plans and 3D renders and the ass delivered the 2d plans and refused to deliver the 3D renders after we had both agreed on price for the gig and insisted the money was too small after I had paid! I told him where to get off and cancelled the order. He came back that okay he’ll do the 3D render but at that point I wanted nothing to do with him anymore . And his work was just as crap as his attitude.
Its the internet people are scared of loosing their money to faceless people at the end of a keystroke too. And that is a fact whether sellers want to acknowledge it or not!

Sellers have buyers try to scam them sometimes by demanding a refund and giving a false reason. They threaten the seller with a bad review. Sellers should notify customer support as soon as they see someone trying this, with proof they did the work correctly by providing screenshots of the delivery.

This thread proves that fiverr does help sellers in disputed charges:


Thanks for sharing. I think Fiverr supports the right side. If someone has evidence that something went wrong, Fiverr supports the one that is right. Thank God!

Maria S.

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Fiverr always support the buyer. I’m a victim.

Hello if fiverr gave a buyer a refund that does not mean fiverr always supports a buyer. They support sellers too. Just because it didn’t go your way does not mean that ALWAYS happens.

I recommend not referring to yourself as a victim here on Fiverr. That could open the door for nefarious people to think that they can take advantage of you, and it isn’t likely to build the kind of reputation you need to be a successful seller.

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