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Fiverr does not care about sellers

I had a 3 year old gig, that was recently featured by fiverr, I tried to change the video to make it more clear for my customers, and it got rejected. I thought it was an error so I emailed them,

They stated that I had incurred to many declinations ( I guess when you put up a gig and they deny it it causes your whole account to get shut down. I had 3 in 3 years. Just videos that they didn’t accept removed it.

They also said that I am not in their editorial focus and that was that IF I WASN’T PART OF THEIR EDITORIAL FOCUS,

Then Why would they have featured this gig in their biz section/ weekly email?

Over 300 sales, 99% feedback in 3 years. The customer support staff stopped answering me completely. They don’t care about sellers, and their system is so flawed. You try to reason with them, even ask them to actually review the gig, but the admin is just getting worse. No common sense.

I emailed them over 6 times and they just don’t even respond. Gig gone, search results gone, and there are a handful of others selling gigs selling the same thing with less value than mine. How does this make sense?

This is website is ridiculous and unfair. Remember they don’t have common sense so they can yank your gig at any time. Be warned.

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Same case with me my friend, my gig was denied before two days ago and my search results gone. My gig selling stop now. Fiverr is very bad, they do not care for their sellers, Fiverr not have proper guidelines, and their gig activation process is very dirty. Some time they active the gig but after some time they denied the gigs.

Some website is better than fiverr, they very careful of their sellers

I’m hearing this more and more and it makes you scared to make any changes to your gig in fear it will be shut down.