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Fiverr does not respect its own ToS - allows buyer to cancel order after a month & despite 5-star review

This is insane…

I’m a full 5-star seller since I joined Fiverr in April 2018.

I already had a buyer cancel an order without Fiverr ever asking for my feedback (e.g. as you’d normally expect them to do in such cases). Support was not helpful and I didn’t give it much thought. 192 USD lost on my behalf.

Today they cancelled a custom 780 USD order even though the buyer rated my services with 5 stars and DESPITE 14 days having passed already, since the gig was marked complete.

So basically Fiverr violated its own ToS as referenced here: (section “Order Cancellations” under “Orders” (points 3 & 4):

  • Completed orders (or, where applicable, completed milestones) may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order (or Milestone) is marked as complete.
  • Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

I provide high level sysadmin services from a single gig which is rated 5-stars.

I’ve brought some very nice 4 figure earnings for Fiverr in just a few months.

The buyer who cancelled the order is a regular cheapskate obviously who used a hilariously fake excuse before abruptly ending communication with me.

I expect that Fiverr will reconsider the mess they have caused and put a supervisor to have a look at ticket ID ********.


this happen same with me - The order had cancelled after 2 month of job complete. Buyer had given 5 start rating at that order and it was completed successfully delivery. - 300$ and Now, My earnings showing negative -300$.
I lost my Level badge to that cancellation too.

Most strange part, Buyer is using my design after cancel the order. Fiverr is not taking any action!


Their support is avoiding to answer questions directly, using canned responses.

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You should ask CS why they cancelled this order. (it seems that most of the time it"s due to chargebacks).

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Asked multiple times. When I ask “why” I always get a “I am sorry that you feel this way.”.

They ask sellers to be swift in their responses and professionals, and, and, and, but it’s Fiverr who are being totally unprofessional here. A company that stands by its ToS would not do this to a seller.

If it happened as you described, Fiverr didn’t do it, the buyer did it through PayPal. Support does sometimes reimburse polite, professional sellers if the order was big and proof of delivery is clear. Support agents don’t respond through the forum.

You can use the forum to rant, but forum users can’t directly help you.


Any serious company though should actively support its sellers, even in such cases and take the fall. You either honour your ToS or not.

As for PayPal, it’s a lot harder to get a refund these days. PayPal support, especially for a client like Fiverr, would be very careful unleashing chargebacks into the wild.

Paypal chargebacks are unfortunately fairly common, so Paypal does “unleash” them on Fiverr. Your best option is to continue to push Support and ask nicely if they can reimburse you.

I don’t disagree with this, but there are tons of threads about it already so I’m not personally into a rehash. The practical answer is that only staff can help you.

It seems that you’ve been struck by a ‘PayPal Chargeback’. At some point every seller will encounter this type of scammy buyer. From my experience, contact the CS and they will try to assist you. In my case they managed to send my money back within a few hours, but that depends from case-to-case.

This is something behind fiverr’s power at this moment, as those who pay with PayPal have this freedom to open a dispute in the first 90 days from the moment they’ve made a purchase. And some *******, as I cannot call them otherwise try to exploit this feature. In most cases the ones that do make chargebacks get banned from PayPal as well.

Good luck, and hopefully you will get back your money. I know the frustration.


This just happened to me recently. I didn’t lose any money, as my funds for that order had already cleared into my account and I had withdrawn them. But I contacted CS to take steps and ensure that upcoming payments wouldn’t be affected by a clients chargeback through paypal.

The brutal truth is they are out of cigarettes and booze, they found a easy way to make up this shortfall.

To anyone saying that PayPal chargebacks are irreversible, well sorry, but you clearly haven’t ever sold software or a service directly using PayPal.

PayPal accepts anything that you can use to validly dispute a chargeback, even for non-tangible goods like software or services. So if the buyer opens a dispute for an item “not as advertised” or whatever, you point PayPal to your product page, ToS and for example a chat or helpdesk transcript. Or in Fiverr’s case, the progress of the gig, the rating, the goddamn ToS etc.

But from what I’m reading, Fiverr keeps its commission so why bother, right?

Fiverr is not responding to my ticket at all for 2 days. No reason for the refund to the client. Nada.

Yet they were pretty quick to cancel the order because I did not respond to the buyer in a day’s time (summer vacations anyone?)…

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:frowning: same happend to me :frowning:

What is a PayPal chargebacks ?

When you pay for something with PayPal, you can ask PayPal to decline the charge, so the money goes back to you. It’s a rotten thing to do, and I hope someday Fiverr figures out a way to make this illegal.

Maybe Fiverr should use a different payment processor. I know PayPal isn’t the only game in town, they just happen to be the most popular.


In my case, Fiverr support never mentioned a payment processor chargeback (it was their decision supposedly). Not to mention they don’t respond to my messages anymore.

That’s a very good way to protect your sellers… (as they claim)

I just had this same thing happen to me this morning. I have contacted customer service, but my biggest issue is the douche that did this ordered every single gig I have for sale on 3 separate orders and there are still 2 pending funding clearance and I’m worried that he will do the same thing with the other orders and I’ll be out everything I’ve earned in the last few weeks off of him! How can they get away with this? He marked my order complete, left a 5 star review AND gave me a TIP! I sent that to Fiverr CS this morning and am still waiting to hear back from them on it. How can this happen?

Here is the real answer, :slight_smile:

Please note that whenever a transaction is being reviewed by a payment vendor, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users.

Keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and we have no access to the funds. Be aware that we want every Gig order to be successful. If a buyer abused his payment privileges, it is something literally beyond our control, but our Trust & Safety Team is already reviewing this buyer’s actions.

Buyers who do file disputes on their payments made to Fiverr, whether intentional or purposely held by payment vendor for security screening, must resolve those disputes in order to participate again in the Fiverr community, as they are in clear violation of our Terms of Service.

Fiverr has to start respecting its own ToS for starters AND stop sending b/s canned responses and actually respond to our claims as to the reason for cancelling a sale when no ToS are violated, and especially when no chargeback is mentioned (as in my case).

PayPal and even banks don’t just cancel credit card payments. They are not idiots. As for Fiverr’s fee, oh it keeps that. Read the ToS if you don’t believe me.

If a chargeback is indeed initiated by a bank then boohoo if Fiverr did not get its commission. An actual person worked their a** off for that service.

Welcome to the gig economy’s reality.

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Fivver should give at lest some guidelines to Buyers