Fiverr does not treat all of its sellers equally


This is all about what I have experienced so far. Fiverr does not treat all of its sellers equally. Yes, it might be true that higher level sellers must be given some relief but when the question about TOS violation occurs, I myself think that there shouldn’t be any compromise on it. Hundreds of sellers are running their gigs that are against TOS but they are very successful with those gigs. Fiverr do not deny their gigs. It is unfair :frowning:


You can report those gigs to Customer Support.


@catwriter How can I? And Fiverr does not respond to that report.


Either by flagging a gig if the option is available, or by submitting a ticket to Customer Support.

So, you have reported one or more gigs that violate ToS? What happened after that?


@catwriter There is no option for TOS violation.


You can choose the closest option.


Can you please help me with this?
What option is closest
1-Non Original Content
2-Inappropriate Gig
3-Trademark Violation
4-Copyrights Violation


What are the gigs you wish to report offering, and how are they violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service?


Those are the gigs with the titles “Math help” and “Essay Help”. Fiverr denied my gigs because it is against their TOS to help someone in their academic assignments. But many people are running their gigs with these titles and they are very successful with those gigs.


Tutoring is allowed. Doing someone’s homework isn’t. So, perhaps they’re not violating ToS?


Okay but is this correct for a gig to have title like "I will help in math algebra, intermediate algebra, college algebra"
This guy has almost 400 reviews.


If he is tutoring students and not doing their school assignments, it’s fine. I found that gig, and he seems to offer tutoring, not doing someone’s homework.


Okay, thanks for your support and guidance.


I’ve been reporting an used who have a second account over 2 months and nothing was done yet. and I have the proof of this, because the user confessed me he had 2 accounts after I confronted him.

I showed the inbox messages but nothing was done


You are right there happens nothing by reporting.


you can choose option no 4-Copyrights Violation


Copyrights violation for a perfectly legitimate gig offering to teach students algebra?

I hope that everyone who falsely accuses others of violations gets an account warning, at least. Or a permanent ban.


To report a gig properly, go to Trust & Safety and then Reporting Questionable Gig, or Bad User Behavior.

Also when using the wrong choice, normally you are redirected to the proper one.


I’m not the one who asked about reporting gigs.


They may not reply to your flagging of a gig, but the gig may just disappear if they find it does in fact go against the terms of service.

Please don’t flag a gig just because you don’t like it though - it may be perfectly fine! :sunny: